Academic Team

  •   2017-2018 EES Academic Team

    Coach: Missy Bogle


    The Academic Team consists of three different areas of competition:


     1) Individual Test Takers 2) Quick Recall and 3) Future Problem Solving


    Individual Test Takers - The tested areas include Math, Science, Arts & Humanities, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Composition (Writing). Students will have study material for the area in which they may test. Additional practice tests throughout the season spark the mind as well!

    Quick Recall – This area is a fast paced, content rich event! Students must possess a working knowledge of all of the tested areas. In addition, these students need to be adjusted to the rapid tempo of this type of competition. Quick Recall isn’t for everyone – however it is exciting!

    Future Problem Solving- The area of competition that allows students to work cooperatively in a group and think “outside of the box” is FPS.  There are no right or wrong answers necessarily, only possibilities. These students are given a hypothetical scene that might occur in the future. This group works together to analyze the problems that could arise, determine a solution and develop an action plan.

    Competition time rolls around in February each year. Elementary academic teams compete at the District level and can advance to the Regional level as well. Ask our team members from last year how amazing it feels to do our best and win! J