• HCDT Uniform:  solid black shirt and khaki pants

    v  Youth are required to wear a solid black shirt with short or long sleeves.  Shirts must be long enough to be tucked in comfortably.  Shirt tails are to be tucked in.

    v  Youth may wear a solid black crew neck sweatshirt for warmth.  A solid black or white undershirt must be worn with sweatshirt.  HOODED SWEATSHIRTS ARE PROHIBITED.

    v  Youth must wear a solid khaki color pants with no cargo pockets.  Pants must have belt loops and must be worn at waist level.  SAGGING PANTS ARE PROHIBITED.

    v  Youth’s clothing must be of appropriate size and not have holes or be ragged in appearance.

    v  Youth are not allowed to wear jackets and/or coats in the classroom.  Coats are to be hung up after completing the check in procedure.

    v  Youth must wear closed toe shoes (Boots, flip flops, sandals and house shoes are not allowed).

    v  Youth are required to wear socks.

    v  Youth are not allowed to wear sunglasses or jewelry--- including tongue, ear, eyebrow, nose, lip, gauges, etc. that denotes visible body piercings.  Additional body piercings while a student is at HCDT is prohibited.

    v  Youth must cover tattoos at all times.  Additional tattoos while a student is at HCDT is prohibited.

    v  Youth are not allowed to style and/or color hair. Style and color should not interrupt the educational process.

    v  Hair that is longer than shoulder length must be tied back and bangs must be out of student's eyes.

    v  Students may not wear any head apparel in the building during the course of the day.  This includes: bandanas, caps, scarves, sock caps, head bands, picks, combs, etc.

    v  Male students must be clean shaven.

    v  Students are not allowed to have wallets, purses or book bags of any type.

    v  Students are permitted to bring a single house key.


    *Certain situations may arise that are not specifically covered by this dress code. In the event this occurs, the situation will be addressed by the Principal and staff.  HCDT staff maintains FINAL decisions on all special cases, restrictions, disputes, and inquires. Should a student continue to challenge the dress code policy with items or situations not specifically stated, and the items do not meet the spirit and intent of the dress code; the student is subject to Phase revocation or other disciplinary action as deemed by the Principal.