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  • The Madisonville North Hopkins community accepts the responsibility to achieve academic success in a safe, caring, supportive environment.  Our focus is to inspire our students and influence their choices so they may positively impact our world for a lifetime.


  • MNHHS Skills Day Assignments:  Teacher Links 2019-20


    Click on the link below to access SKILLS Day assignments for your classes:



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  • MNHHS School Report Card


    Dear Parents:


    Follow this link to access our School Report Card ...




    Simply type our school name in the search box and the page will automatically direct you to the right spot!

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    am = 7:00-7:45         pm = 2:55-3:40



    • English/Reading M. Clark 30 T-am
    • Math K. Beshears 4 M-am
    • Math J. Nelson 2 M-pm
    • Math C. Inglis 5 W-pm
    • Math D. Stubblefield 9 F-am
    • Science L. Neathery 39 T-am
    • Science E. McDurmon 36 TH-am
    • Science C. LaGrange 37 M-pm
    • Science J. Davis 42 TH-pm
    • Social Studies G. Epperson 63 W-am
    • Social Studies B. Faulk 68 M-am
    • Spanish/ESL A. Gamblin 22 W-am



    Students must bring textbook and work to be completed while in ESS.  Students who work in ESS and stay the entire time will be awarded .25 points on their final term grade average each twelve weeks.

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    Club Rush will be Wednesday, September 4 in the gym from 7AM-7:50AM. This is a great opportunity for new students to learn about different clubs and organizations offered at North Hopkins and find ways to get involved!!

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    1. WHAT: MNHHS will be offering credit recovery for our summer school program.

    Most students will work on an individualized curriculum on the computer.

    Summer School is for students who have failed a class with an average of

    50-59 or who have failed to take a required class. Make-ups are also available

    in some electives courses. If you have other circumstances and wish to attend summer school please call the school.


    1. WHEN: Monday, June 3rd-Thursday, June 6th

    (must attend all four days the entire time from 8:00 am-3:00 pm)


    1. TIME: 8:00 am-3:00 pm (Breakfast available at 7:45 am and also lunch will be

    served at no charge)  No one is allowed to leave campus for lunch. No

    lunches are to be delivered to school.

    1. FEE: A $20.00 nonrefundable fee will be charged per class for each student

    enrolling in summer school. This fee MUST be paid when registering.

    CHECKS PAYABLE TO: MNHHS (waivers for free or reduced lunch available)


    1. REGISTRATION: Registration will be held on the following days:

    Wednesday, May 29th 8:00 am-3:00 pm

    Thursday, May 30th 8:00 am-3:00 pm

    Friday, May 31st 8:00 am-3:00 pm

    Monday, June 4th 6:30 am-7:30 am (no later)


    Please check Infinite Campus for final grade averages after May 28th or contact the

    school for assistance. The registration deadline is Monday, June 3rd by

    7:30 am--all applications must be submitted by this time and fees paid in full.

    It is imperative that students are enrolled prior to this time to insure that          they are entered into the computer system and ready to begin work first thing on MONDAY morning.


    1. COURSE OFFERINGS:  ENGLISH: I-IV;  SCIENCE: Earth & Physical Science,

    Physics, Chemistry;  MATH: Business Math, Integrated Math, Algebra I,

    Pre-Calculus, Geometry, Stats;  SOCIAL STUDIES: Geography/Civics, World Civilizations, Fine Arts, Humanities;  HEALTH: Health;   FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Spanish; some electives (other offerings based on need)


    1. COMPLETION: Summer School will end on Thursday, June 6th at 3:00 pm.


    1. Questions: See a counselor in the guidance office or L. Neathery in room 39 or phone

    825-6017 ext. #52058.


    1. PASSWORDS: Students must have internet permission forms already on file at school

    and know their individual PASSWORD for internet access.*

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  • Summer Letter for Parents and Students

    Students and Parents:

    Under the "REGISTRATION INFORMATION FOR THE 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR" announcement you will find the information about important dates and school policies.

    Prior to registration, you will need to complete multiple forms. They may be found and printed from the school website under the "REGISTRATION INFORMATION FOR THE 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR" announcement .  Forms are also available at the school.

           All grade levels must complete the following forms:          

                       *Publication Consent form

                       *Electronic Access/User Agreement Form

                       *Drug Testing Form

                       *Truancy Form

                       *Health Department Form

    If your child will be in the 11th or 12th grade, the following forms must also be completed:

                       *Higher Education and Military form

                       *Parking permit


    On behalf of the faculty and staff, we’re looking forward to a great year at Madisonville-North Hopkins High School.

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    Registration for the 2019-2020 school year will be here before you know it!  

    Don't wait to get all the information and resources you need until the day of registration, get it now!  

    Print the packets, fill them out, and bring them with you to save some time!

    Below you will find what each packet contains and the links to the attached files at the bottom to print out.

    -Registration Packet 1 contains the following:

         -Acceptable Use Policy for the Internet

         -Household Income Form

         -Student Enrollment Form- must be filled out 

          ONLY if a New Student

    -Registration Packet 2 contains the following:

         -Drug Testing Form

         -Higher Education/Military Form

         -Publication Consent Form

         -Home Language Survey

         -Math Dept Calculator Policy

    -Nurse Consent Form

         -General Info and Consent to Health Service

    -Family Resource and Youth Service Information Packet

         -Dates for Parent Workshops

         -Holiday Assistance Requirements for 

          Thanksgiving and Christmas

    -New Student Registration Form

          -For New students ONLY!  

    Registration Packet 1

    Registration Packet 2

    Nurse Consent Form

    Family Resource and Youth Service Information Packet

    New Student Registration Form

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  • District Talent Show

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    4515 Hanson Road Madisonville, KY 42431

    Phone (270) 825-6017 Fax (270) 825-6045


    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Pre registration for the 2019-2020 school year will take place during April 9th-11th for incoming sophomores through seniors. During class meetings, students will be given information on accessing the course description book, which contains high school requirements and information concerning choosing electives. Also, students will receive specific instructions for the evening pre registration sessions. Core placement for English, math, science, and social studies will be discussed during these sessions, in addition to electives and career pathways.


    Evening events for parents will take place April 9th, 10th, and 11th from 3:30-6:15 at Madisonville North Hopkins High School. In order to choose electives and approve core placement for incoming students, all parents are highly encouraged to attend. If you can’t make your scheduled appointment time, please contact Jennifer Bratcher, guidance office receptionist, at 270-825-6017 for a daytime appointment.


    Grade Level Date Time

    Incoming Sophomores April 9 Albright- Dickerson 3:30-4:00 Doane- King 4:15-4:45 Kirkwood- Renshaw 5:00-5:30 Richey- Zimmerman 5:45-6:15

    Incoming Juniors April 10 Abbott- Cummings 3:30-4:00 Daves-Jones 4:15-4:45 Kennedy- Pluimer 5:00-5:30 Ponder- Zimmerman 5:45-6:15

    Incoming Seniors April 11 Adams- Daniel 3:30-4:00 Deleon- Krause 4:15-4:45 Lamb- Rogers 5:00-5:30 Sampson- Zieba 5:45-6:15



    Suzanne Duncan Jeannie Morris Candius Vandiver

    Click on the attachments below for appropriate Grade Level Information, Portal Instructions, Course Book, and Parent Letter:

    19-20 Course Book

    Student Portal Instructions

    Pre-Registration Sophomores

    Pre-Registration Juniors

    Pre-Registration Seniors

    Registration Parent Letter

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    1st Trimester


    1. WHEN: Monday, Oct 29th & Tuesday, Oct 30th from 3:00 pm until

    3:45 pm (Please have rides here by 4:00 pm; for security reasons doors will be locked at this time) Pick up for all car rider students is at the science entrance.

    1. WHAT: Two days of study skill instruction and review
    2. WHY: To earn 2 points on first twelve weeks term grade

    (students must be in attendance the entire time and successfully

     complete work to earn credit)

       Students may only receive a maximum of 2 points during this session




    AM Session:  (7:00 am-7:45 am) All English- #30 (M. Clark)



    PM Session:

    AP Calc/Pre-AP Pre-Cal - #8 (K. Gensler)

    Pre-AP Alg I/Pre-AP Alg II/Alg II/Alg I- CAFETERIA (C. Inglis)

    Alg II CS/Geometry/Geometry CS/Intro to Alg- #2 (J. Nelson)


    AM Session:

    (7:00 am-7:45 am) All Math-#9 (D. Stubblefield) #4 (K. Beshears)



    PM Session:

    Biology- #36 (E. McDurmon)

    Biology- #38 (M. Bailey)

    Physics- #41 (L. Gigliette)



    (7:00 am -7:45 am) Chemistry/ESS/Physical Science- #18 (Baird)



    AM Sessions Only: (7:00 am – 7:45 am)  

    Civics/US History- #63 (G. Epperson)

    Georgraphy/US World History/World History- #68 (B. Faulk)


    PM Session:

    I/II/III- #23 (V. Knight)

    5. QUESTIONS: See your teacher or Mr. Neathery (room #39)


    Click on the link below for a printable version.

    Enhanced Learning Session:  1st Trimester

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    am = 7:00-7:40         pm = 2:55-3:35


              SUBJECT                     TEACHER:                   ROOM #:            DAY:


    1.     English/Reading           M. Clark                                 30               T-am



    2.     Math                             K. Beshears                             4                 TH-am

    3.     Math                             J. Nelson                                  2                 M-pm

    4.     Math                             K. Gensler                               8                 W-pm

    5.     Math                             D. Stubblefield                        7                 W-am

    6.     Science                           L. Neathery                              39               T-am

    7.     Science                           J. Davis                                    42               TH-pm

    8.     Science                           E. McDurmon                         36               T-pm

    9.     Science                           C. LaGrange                           37               F-am

    10. Social Studies                G. Epperson                            63               W-pm

    11. Spanish/ESL                 V. Knight                                 23               TH-pm

    Students must bring textbook and work to be completed while in ESS.  Students who work in ESS and stay the entire time will be awarded .25 points on their final grade average each twelve weeks.

    Click on the link below to print a copy.

    Extended School Schedule

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  • Dear MNHHS Parent/Guardian:

    We want to meet and exceed your expectations for your child’s learning environment at MNHHS. We are very committed to obtaining feedback from you about how satisfied you are with the quality of your child’s education and the quality of your interactions with our school. We do a parent satisfaction survey and student engagement survey once a year.  Over 179 parents and students participated in these surveys in the spring of 2018.

    I want you to know we read and analyze all the survey data and comments that you provide to us.  I want to extend a hearty thank you to those of you who took the time to respond to the survey last spring. Your taking time to respond really does make a difference. Our faculty and staff have reviewed the data, discussed our plans for improvement, and now we would like to share our plan with you.

     Here are 3 things parents said we do well here at MNHHS:

    1. My family is treated with respect at this school.
    2. The school is clean and well maintained.
    3. The principal at this school is approachable and reachable.

    Here is 1 thing parents said they would like for us to improve

    1. I receive positive phone calls, emails, or notes about my child from the school.

    Our plan for improvement is to have all teachers contact parents/guardians on a weekly basis.


    Studer Parent 2018


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  • HOPKINS COUNTY SCHOOLS ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY: INTRANET/INTERNET Middle Schools and High School (Grades 6-12) (Including Summer School)


    Acceptable Use Agreement

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  • M


    4515 HANSON RD.




    Dear Parent or Guardian:


    Pre-registration for the 2018-2019 school year will begin soon for upcoming sophomores through seniors.  Guidance counselors will be visiting classrooms during the week of April 9th, and students will receive a Course Description booklet, which contains high school graduation requirements and information concerning choosing electives for career pathways; students will also be given specific instructions for the online portion of the pre-registration process.   Pre-registration for 2018-19 will open in the Student Infinite Campus portal starting Friday, April 13 and remain open through Thursday, April 19.  During this time, students will enter all elective choice requests.  Core placement pre-entered based on student test scores; however, core placement can be changed.  See page 7 in the Course Description booklet for information on changing core placement.  For any students who do not have online access at home, computers will be available in the computer lab before school and during lunch 4/16 – 4/19, and a counselor will be available for assistance during this timeSTUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO ENTER THEIR ELECTIVE CHOICES DURING THIS WINDOW USING INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED DURING CLASSROOM VISITS.


    Guidance Counselors will be available for appointments with parents and students in the evenings from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. Monday, April 16th through Thursday, April 19th as well as at selected times during school hours on 4/17, 4/18 & 4/20.  It is VITAL that all parents meet with a counselor in order to approve core placement and discuss elective choices for their students.  During this meeting, parents can request core placement changes and review elective choices to ensure students are meeting graduation requirements, which include completion of a career pathway. 


    To schedule an appointment during the day, please call the guidance office at 825-6017 ext. 2110. Suggested evening schedule can be found on the back of this letter. Please review the schedule and come during your suggested appointment time; we will make every effort to keep wait times to a minimum, but do be prepared to wait if you come at a time other than when scheduledClass availability is in NO WAY affected by the time or date that you meet with your student’s counselor.






    Jeannie Morris                         Candius Vandiver                               Lori Vanover


    Click on the links below for further information:


    2018-19 Registration Information


    2018-19 Coursebook

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