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    2020-21 Officer Team
    President - Shayla Embry, Vice-President Community Service- Emma Peyton, Vice President Membership - Camryn LaGrange, President-Elect- Aidan Brummer, Secretary- Megan Oakley, Treasurer- Arionne Brown, Reporter- Kylee Coyle, Historian- Kendall Duncan, Public Relations- Brooklyn Knox
    2020-21 Key Club Officers  

    2019-20 Officer Team
    President - Rachel Carver, 
    Vice-President- Cameron Walker, President-Elect- Shayla Embry, Secretary- Jack Dodds, Treasurer- Devin Richardson, Reporter- Kylee Coyle, Historian- Julia Howerton, Public Relations- Emma Peyton
    19-20 Officers
    The 2018-19 Officer Team

    Back Row: Cameron Walker - Vice President in charge of Community Service, Eli Polley - Treasurer, Kaylen Young - Reporter
    Front Row:  Rachel Carver - President-Elect, Emory Fazenbaker - President, Sarah Holland Bachman - Secretary

    Officers 18-19

    The 2017-18 Officer Team

    Front Row:  Sarah Holland Bachman - Treasurer, Katherine Howerton - Secretary, Anna Morgan - Historian
    Back Row:  Emory Fazenbaker - President-Elect, Kaylen Young - Reporter, Victoria Howard - President

     17-18 Officers
    The 2016-17 Officer Team

    Front Row:  Katherine Howerton - Reporter, Sarah Shaw - Historian, Gillian Senter - President, Tori Howard - President Elect
    Back Row:  Katie P'Pool - Vice President Community Service, Libby Shockley - Reporter, Daniel Wittmer - Treasurer



    The 2015-16 Officer Team

    Allison Davis - Secretary, Kendall Adkins - Vice President in Charge of Community Service,
    Gillian Senter - President Elect, Maddie Johnson - President
    Libby Shockley - Historian, Tate Burris - Treasurer, Katie P'Pool - Reporter

    The 2014-15 Officer Team

    Front Row:  Amelia Iliohan - Public Relations, President Elect - Maddie Johnson, Vice President of Community Service - Melinda Wolfe
    Back Row:  Anne Caulder - Secretary, Katie Brooks - Historian, Payton Carver - President, Reporter - Rachel Gootee, Treasurer - Abigail Sanderson

    2013-14 Officer Team
    President - Miranda Robinson, President Elect - Payton Carver, Vice President of Community Service - Alexis Gamblin, Secretary - Briana Robinson, Treasurer - Morgan Ford, Reporter - Dearon Dixon, Historian - Kendall Riggs




    2012-2013 Officer Team
    President - Olivia Senter, 
    Vice-President- Hunter Sellers, President-Elect- Miranda Robinson, Secretary- Morgan P'Pool, Treasurer- Michael Soder, Reporter - Mary Margaret Gamblin, Historian - Georgia Gardner

    Officer Team



     2011-2012 Officer Team
    President - Katy Ashby, 
    Vice-President- Zach Yonts, President-Elect- Hunter Sellers, Secretary- Taylor Whitfield, Treasurer- McKinsey Durham
    Reporter - Katie Gamblin, Historian - Megan Chumbley

    2011-2012 Officers


    2010-2011 Officer Team
    President - Karah Brown, Vice-President- Ashton Gatlin, President-Elect- Katy Ashby, Secretary- Sydni Fazenbaker, Treasurer- Morgan Threlkeld, Reporter - Katie Gamblin, Historian - Zach Yonts

    2011 Officers  


    2009-2010 Officer Team
    President - Katelyn Brown, Vice-President- JD Lester, President-Elect- Karah Brown, Secretary- Sydni Fazenbaker, Treasurer- Emily McClure, Reporter - Robert Hatchett, Historian - Railey Cardwell

    2009-10 Officer Team


    2008-2009 Officer Team
    President - Rakhi Shah, Vice-President- Skylar Phaup, President-Elect- Katelyn Brown, Secretary- Hillary Peyton, Treasurer- Joe LaCasse, Reporter - Mary Katherine Kington, Historian - Justin Lamb





    2007-20008 Officer Team
    President - xx, Vice-President- xx, President-Elect- xx, Secretary- xx, Treasurer- xx, Reporter - xx, Historian - xx


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