Past Dance Teams

  • 2013-2014 Dance Team


     2013-2014 Maroon Magic Dance Team at camp in June

    From left to right

    Top row: Jordan Forker, Autumn Willyard, Carliegh Troutman, Morgan Eubanks, and Bailey Rager

    Middle row: Ariel Wells, Maddie Johnson, Ali Martin, Breonna Adams, Kaylee Plunket, Shante Parker, and Allie Johnson

    Bottom Row: Briona Vincent, Autumn Miller, Leah Crawford, Courtney Darnell, Latonya Burns, and Aubri Clark

    2012-2013 Dance Team



    Volunteering for 5K for the March of Dimes

    Performing at the Henderson County vs MNHHS soccer Game

    Senior - Karlee Duff

    Juniors - Natalie Burns, Leah Crawford, Courtney Darnell, Hailey Howard, Gabbi Witherspoon

    Sophomores - Aubri Clark, Autumn Miller, Briona Vincent

    Freshmen - Breonna Adams, Maddie Johnson, Ali Martin, Kaylee Plunkett, Ariel Wells, and Autumn Willyard


    We just got back from the National Dance Alliance Dance Team Championship in Orlando, FL and the girls did really well.  The competition is held at Hard Rock Live, and this year was our first year attending this national competition.  The dancers made it through to finals, where they placed 11th in the Medium Varsity Pom division. 

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    MNHHS Dance Roster:

    SENIORS: Nicole Villines, Laura Roden; JUNIORS: Kelsie Tolliver; SOPHMORES: Latonya Burnes, Leah Crawford, Courtney Darnell, Hailey Howard, Hailey Hulsey, Audrey Schell, Gabbi Witherspoon, Elizabeth Woodall; FRESHMEN: Aubri Clark, Autumn Miller, Tori Walker.


    The 2011-2012 Maroon Magic Dance Team

    Back Row (L-R): Tori Walker, Elizabeth Woodall, Audrey Schell, Gabbi Witherspoon, Nicole Villines, Kelsie Tolliver, Laura Roden, and Latonya Burnes. Front Row: Courtney Darnell, Aubri Clark, Hailey Howard, Hailey Hulsey, Autumn Miller, and Leah Crawford.

    Above, the Maroon Magic Dance Team takes to the floor during Maroon Madness on November 12, 2011.



    Race for the Cure 2011, supporting Mrs. Lansden, in the pouring rain! (L-R): Laura Roden, Nicole Villines, Chase, Mrs. Lansden, Aubri Clark, Leah Crawford, Coach Natalia Solise.

    The 2010-2011 Maroon Magic Dance Team


    Pictured left to right: (Top Row) Leah Crawford, Elizabeth Woodall, Hailey Howard, Hailey Hulsey, Courtney Darnell (Middle) Nicole Villines, Kelsie Tolliver (Bottom) Whitney Coke, Tori Wallace, Lauren Legrand.

    The 2010-2011 Maroon Magic Dance Seniors:


    Each summer the Maroon Magic Dance Team attempts to get a bid to nationals through attending dance camp. This summer, the girls achieved their goal and then some.  They attended the Universal Dance Association's convention camp in Cincinnati, OH, the largest and most difficult dance company in the U.S.  Dancing and practicing from 8:30 AM - 8:30 PM for 3 days gave the girls the opportunity to prove to the UDA staff that they deserve to go to nationals in Orlando, FL in February.  Their awards included: Tori Wallace chosen as an All-American; Lauren Legrand as a finalist in the Drill Down Queen competition; a team Spirit Stick for their respect for rules, constant work ethic, and excellent attitude;  a Superior trophy for receiving all individual blue ribbons for their learned routines; and most importantly, a bid to nationals.  The girls also had the opportunity to learn 2 hip hop routines from the well-known contestant from So You Think You Can Dance, Brandon Bryant.  Maroon Magic and their coaches are excited to continue their success throughout this season and  hopefully go out with a bang in Florida!


    Maroon Magic:  Pictured with all of their awards - Bid to UDA nationals, Superior trophy (for receiving all blue ribbons), Spirit Stick, Tori Wallace chosen as an All-American, and Lauren Legrand a finalist for the Drill Down Queen.

    Leah's Birthday: Leah Crawford's birthday fell on the last day of camp, so the entire UDA staff and campers sang "happy birthday."


    Maroon Magic with Brandon: The team and coaches pictured with Brandon Bryant, the well-known contestant from season 5 of the hit dance show "So You Think You Can Dance."


    Team Drill Down: The team's last chance to become the "Drill Down Queen." Drill downs are a series of military commands which teach the girls precision.


    Tori is an All-American: Tori Wallace performed solo, competing for a chance to be an All-American; being chosen as an AA will allow her the opportunity to perform in Rome, Italy.

    2009-2010 Maroon Magic Dance Team


    Seniors- Emilee McQueen, Taylor Alexander

    Juniors- Tori Wallace, Whitney Coke, Lauren Legrand, Hailey Warford

    Sophomores- Jamele Goodson, Nicole Villines

    Freshmen- Kelsie Tolliver