School Attendance Zones

  • Hopkins County Schools locator service for attendance zones The Hopkins County Schools Locator service enables residents to determine the school attendance zones for a specific address.

    To use this servce:

    • Enter an address in the search box. When the address is found, click on “Zoom to.”
    • Next, click on the dot for the address. The information appears on a pop-up window, with an arrow at the top of the window to get to the 2nd screen.
    • To search the general vicinity, zoom in on the area. Then, click on any address.


  • Hopkins County School Board policy

    Assigned Zones

    All pupils shall be assigned by geographic attendance zones and will attend the school designated to serve their area of residence.  Specific areas served by each attendance zone will be marked on a map in the central administration office.  The Board may revise attendance zones from time to time to attain maximum utilization of school facilities.

    Class Enrollment Limits

    In accordance with state requirements for allowable class size limits, the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee (Director of Pupil Personnel) shall have the authority to reassign students from their designated attendance zones.

    If Families Move

    If a family(or emancipated/married student)moves three weeks after the first day of school from one attendance area to another attendance  area within the school system, the pupil may be permitted to finish the school year in the school in which he/she was last enrolled(at no cost to or service by the Board).  A letter requesting to stay must be submitted and approved by the Department of Pupil Personnel.  The student should maintain a “C” average (cumulative through the student’s previous semester), furnish his/her own transportation and not become a discipline or truant problem.

    High School seniors and high school juniors who move from one attendance area to another during the course of their senior or junior year shall be permitted to graduate from the school where they were last enrolled provided they have a “C” average(cumulative through the student’s previous semester), furnish their own transportation, and are not discipline or truant problems.

    Students who attend a school other than their assigned school shall provide their own transportation to and from school. 

    Requests for Special Permission/Transfers

    Requests for transfer (special permission) to another school in the district shall be presented in writing to the Director of Pupil Personnel. The special permission committee shall review all applications, and approval or denial letters will be sent from the DPP Office.

    A secondary student (grades 9-12) can move only at the start of the school year.  All schools are open for transfers.  The child in elementary, middle and secondary may transfer only once at each level.

    Transfers will be based on the following:

    • Class size/CAPS
    • The parent/student furnishes transportation
    • The child is not a discipline problem as determined by the principal
    • The child is not an attendance problem or truant
    • A transfer does not cause the receiving school to go over CAPS

    Special permission shall be requested on an annual basis.

Attendance Zone Maps