Click the video below for important information from Ms. Richey and Mrs. Hibbs. 

    Important Information from Ms. Richey and Mrs. Hibbs 


    Academic Team Tryouts

    We have been given approval to proceed with tryouts, so any student interested in trying out for the academic team, please join the SHMS Academic Team Tryouts Google Classroom for important information. Be sure to look on the "Stream" page for those announcements.

    The code to join is: 3q4ufxm
    Click the link below for the application and information packet (they can also be picked up from the front office or from Mrs. Knott). If you have any questions, please message, email, or call Mrs. Knott. 

    Academic Team Information 2020-2021  


    Picture Day

    Picture Day will be rescheduled.


    Free Meals

    Hopkins County Schools will operate under #HCSatHome (NTI) until at least Monday, Nov. 30. During #HCSatHome, meal pickup at schools and delivery to community stops will occur daily from Monday through Friday, with one breakfast and lunch available per day.
    When picking up at schools, parents also have the option of picking up meals for all five days at one time on Wednesdays.
    Meals may be picked up daily at any school from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
    Evening pickup will be available only on Wednesdays from 2-5:30 p.m. at Earlington Elementary, Grapevine Elementary, Hanson Elementary, Madisonville North Hopkins, and West Hopkins.
    Meals may be picked up at any available school location, even if your child doesn’t attend that school.
    Community stops are listed on the following website.  Community Stops


    Last Mile Internet

    Great news!!! The "Last Mile Internet" grant with KDE will create up to 234 mobile hotspots for qualifying students. To see if you qualify, follow these steps:

    1. Student/parent/guardian can call 270-821-8114 (PACS office). PACS will have an application process and will give the student/parent/guardian a voucher that they will then bring to their school.
    2. After bringing the voucher to the school, we will inform our Tech Dept. and they will get a hotspot set up for that student/household.

    Additional information:

    • The hotspots are from Kajeet with AT&T service. The hotspots can be remotely managed and filtered.
    • Students/Parents/Guardians can call Kajeet support directly for help with their hotspot at any time (we will send more information on that when we get it).
    • All hotspots will be active starting Nov. 3rd, 2020. 


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    SHMS Student Password Sheet 2020-2021

    *Please use the websites linked in the "Quick Links" section below to access Odysseyware, IXL, and Study Island.


    SHMS 2020-2021 Frequently Asked Questions

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