• The South Hopkins PTSA is an organization that seeks to incorporate the three important areas of Parents, Teachers, and Students in an attempt to further the educational needs of the student.  Parent volunteers at South Hopkins are always welcome, and with appropriate affirmation of the administration, can fulfill duties that are often  hurried tasks for teachers (running off papers, counting monies, aiding with the book fair, etc.).  The partnership of  Parents and Students helps to keep the vision alive that the student will be more well-rounded when they are aided in their education process by these accompanying figures. 


    The SHMS PTSA seeks to let the students know that they are special.  We do this in providing Sundaes bars, treats for KY Kids Day, and snacks during testing times.  The organization will usually have 1-2 fundraisers a year which may include the sale of cookie dough, candles, or other items.  Incentives in the past have included a BMX show, which was held on the track at SHMS football field.