About Us

  • Earlington Elementary School has a rich history of quality education and school pride, which is reflected in our mission statement, 

    "to provide all students with a safe and nurturing learning envionrment that unites teachers, families, and  community in challenging and motivating students to become respectful,  responsible members of society." 

    This mission is revealed daily through our instruction and interaction with the children of Earlington Elementary. With a population of approximately 320 students, Earlington Elementary School serves the communities of Earlington, Mortons Gap, and parts of Madisonville. 


    Julie         S. Moore         R. Sandberg

                                                                  Julie Vaughn                                Scott Moore                             Rachel Sandberg

                                                                          Principal                               Curriculum Coordinator                           Counsler




    Earlington Elementary School

    1967 Championship Drive

    Earlington, Kentucky 42410