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  • NEW - 6th Period Flipped Classroom!

    For GT science students in my 6th period class, I will be using a flipped classroom approach to differentiate.
    What is a flipped classroom? 
    What is the advantage of a flipped classroom?
    Using a flipped classroom approach allows educators to differentiate material for gifted students -- allowing opportunities for more than one assignment, project, or activity to be going on in the classroom at a given time. Research shows that thoughtful course redesign, such as a flipped classroom approach, often leads to better learning outcomes for students.
    Why GT students?
    Gifted students have advanced needs that may not be exhibited by the "traditional" student. Gifted students need to be challenged such that deeper connections are formed and critical thinking skills are enhanced, and a flipped classroom approach can facilitate this.
    Why not ALL GT students?
    While it would be possible to flip my classroom for all GT students, I am intrigued to compare assessment data from all GT students (flipped and non-flipped) to assess the effectiveness of the approach.
    How will my child's grades be impacted?
    Because flipped assignments vary in complexity from "traditional" assignments, the flipped classroom approach is necessarily of a more advanced nature than traditional classroom instruction. However, due to the flexible nature of a flipped classroom approach, flipped students usually enjoy the autonomy and additional time that such a method provides, which make these assignments very reasonable to complete.
    How can my child access the flipped assignments?
    There are multiple ways:
    Instagram: Follow the account @stroudcrowdflipped6thperiod to receive updates about assignments.
    Student Email Account: By request, assignment resources (article, videos, etc.) can be sent through the Hopkins Co. student email system.
    Through This Webpage: Flipped materials such as videos, articles, etc. are all posted to this webpage as they are assigned. They are filed under "Unit Resources" --> "Flipped Materials."
    Hard Copies: Hard copies of articles, assignments, etc. can be distributed among request. For flipped students without Internet access at home, this is a viable method to receive flipped classroom instruction. 
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