• A summary is a short statement that tells the main points or important ideas of a reading passage.  When you restate the important ideas in a short statement, you are summarizing.

    Introduction to Reading Skills: Summarizing VIDEO

    • A summary is not stated in a reading passage.  To create a summary, you must think about and restate the most important ideas.
    • A good summary of fiction tells about the main character, the problems, and the solution.
    • A good summary of nonfiction tells about the main idea of the reading selection, as well as the main ideas contained in the paragraphs.

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    Questions about the best summary of a passage ask you about the main points of the passage.  When you answer questions about summary, first ask yourself, What is the main idea of the passage?  A good summary is closer to the main idea that to any single detail found in the passage.

    Summarizing: Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then

    Summarizing While Reading

    How to Summarize