authors viewpoint


  • Point of view questions ask you to be able to tell how the author feels about something.  It is the way that the author tells his opinion.  Sometimes it is stated and sometimes you have to figure it out using the author’s language as the clue.

    Introduction to Reading Skills: Narrator's Point of View VIDEO

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    Author’s Point of View Questions:


    • How does the author feel about…?
    • The writer would probably say that…
    • The author seems to believe that…
    • In the author’s opinion…



    Strategy for Author’s Point of View:


    • Ask yourself, “What is the author’s opinion?  Ask yourself, “How does he feel?”
    • Ask yourself, “What words does the author use to describe the situation?”
    • Ask yourself, “What examples does the author use to show his feelings?”
    • Ask yourself, “How does this author’s style differ from another author’s work?”