• Talent Show Series

    The JMMS talent show was held December 7, 2017
    1st Place:  Presley Lutz and Lauren Wooten, Dance Performance
    2nd Place:  Kylee Dame and Annabelle Jones, Vocal and Piano Performance
    3rd Place:  Makayla Cummins, Vocal Performance and Jayda Smith, Vocal Performance
    Emcee:  Kaitlyn Zieba and Aiden Hawkins
    Stage Managers:  Sam Shaw and Noah Renshaw
    Guest Performer:  Lauren Goodman and Jaevion Croney
    JMMS Talent Show Winners

    Lauren and Presley

    Annabelle and Kylee



    The JMMS talent show was held December 9, 2016
    1st Place:  Alyssa Bruno and Madelyn Lowbridge - Vocal/Piano, I Can't Help Falling in Love with You  
    2nd Place:  Makayla Cummins - Vocal Performance, This Little Chair
    3rd Place:  Nicholas Wilson - Vocal Performance, Alphabet Aerobics
    Emcee:  Zach Towe and Brooklyn Knox
    Stage Managers:  Isaac Parish & Logan Rainwater
    Guest Performer:  Brock Terry & Kris Dunlap

    The JMMS talent show was held December 4, 2015
    1st Place:  Mia and Alyssa Bruno - Vocal/Guitar, Safe and Sound  
    2nd Place:  Landon Harris, Piano - TV medley
    3rd Place:  Abby Miller, Vocal - Skinny Love
    3rd Place:  Kaniaha Mack and Kaiza Mason, Vocal - Santa Tell Me
    Emcee:  Miss Teen Kentucky, Caroline Ford
    Guest Performer:  Abbie Waide from MNHHS, Vocal/Guitar