• Talent Show Series

    The HCCHS talent show was held December 15, 2017
    1st Place:  Marissa Todd, Vocal Performance
    2nd Place:  Sydnie Byrum, Vocal Performance
    3rd Place:  Kaiden Vandiver, Vocal Performance and Devin Miller, Signing Performance

    Emcee:  Asher French
    Guest Performers: HCCHS Students

    The HCCHS talent show was held December 20, 2016
    1st Place:  Rebecca Brooks, Vocal and Piano Performance - Listen to Your Heart
    2nd Place:  Paige Blakeley, Vocal Performance - Bridge Over Troubled Water
    3rd Place:  Conner Ipox, Vocal and Guitar Performance - Disease

    Emcee:  Romey Faziel and Brittany Werley
    Guest Performers: HCCHS Students

    The HCCHS talent show was held December 18, 2015
    1st Place:  Caana White, Vocal - Poor Unfortunate Souls
    2nd Place:  Paige Blakeley, Vocal - Up to the Mountain
    3rd Place:  Rebecca Brooks, Piano - Fall on Jesus - Original Composition
    Emcee:  Mackinsey Arnett
    Guest Performers: HCCHS Students