• Talent Show Series

    The MNHHS talent show was held December 15, 2017

    1st Place:  Mia Bruno, Vocal and Guitar Performance 
    2nd Place:  Andrea Matthijssen, Vocal Performance 
    3rd Place:  ((tie))  Markkeyce Vanlue, Dance Performance and Nicholas Wilson, Vocal Performance

    Emcee:  Turner Vaughn and Rachel Carver
    Guest Performer: 

    MNHHS Talent Show Winners


    The MNHHS talent show was held January 27, 2017

    1st Place:  Hans Neistrath, Vocal Performance - The A Team
    2nd Place:  Garrett Owen, Dylan Trevathan, and Dominic Garcia, Guitar & Drum Performance 
    3rd Place:  Cameron Pleasant & Aly Offutt, Vocal & Dance Performance 

    Emcee:  Trevor Duvall
    Guest Performer: Abby Waide, MNHHS


    The MNHHS talent show was held March 11, 2016
    1st Place:  Hunter Carver, Vocal - Italian Opera
    2nd Place:  Brock Terry & Kris Dunlap, Vocal/Guitar - I'll Keep On
    3rd Place:  Dylan Trevathan & Dom Garcia, Guitar/Drums - Seek and Destroy

    Emcee:  Logan Taylor
    Guest Performer: Taylor Davis, MNHHS