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  • While typing was once considered the domain of secretaries and office assistants, today the mass use of computers means that just about everyone needs to be an efficient typist. Many schools are teaching children this skill at a young age, in the knowledge that they will continue to use it throughout their education and working careers. Apart from simply being able to type, it is also important to be able to type quickly and accurately to be more efficient. On a similar note, touch typing involves becoming so familiar with the QWERTY-style keyboard that the person is able to type without looking at the keys. This saves far more time and effort when compared to those who type with only two fingers or constantly scan the keys for the right letter. Typing speed is measured in words per minute, or WPM. Many job postings today specifically ask applicants to pass a typing test or disclose their typing speed. Average typists reach around forty words per minute, while more efficient typists rank around eighty wpm. Professional typists can even go as high as one hundred and twenty wpm. As you begin practicing typing skills, aim to reach around sixty wpm and then try typing faster if possible. There are many online typing tests and tutorials that help typists to improve their skills. Typing tests typically time a typist as they type a short piece of text, and then calculate their speed and accuracy. Other tests allow users to practice alongside other online users in a type of playful competition, as an incentive to motivate people to beat their current speeds. Have a look at some of the resources/links to begin improving your typing skills.

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