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Ms. Niswonger

Hi!  Welcome to my abbreviated page (for right now).  Just a brief bio, so you'll know who I am, and by the end of the week -- (and I know more about you), I'll get this page sorted out.  Yes, I am the Ms. Niswonger from Hanson (last century) and Madisonville North Hopkins (most of last century plus a couple of years in this one) and Dawson Springs High School (the last three years, when I ventured out of retirement--again).  And now I am here. (And, yes, I started that sentence with "and").  

Your schedule may be subject to change since you picked it up about ten days ago.  My schedule is:  Three classes of Dual Credit English (1, 2, 5) and one class of Seniors (3rd) and one class of Juniors (6th).  I think. Maybe?  Whichever class you may be in -- just have:  (1) a 3-ring binder (most students also prefer to have tab dividers); (2) loose leaf paper; (3) pencil or pens (blue or black ink only), and -- that's it.  I have your books and will keep them most of the time, unless you can't get finished with the lesson in class or are absent.  (Dual Credit students may wish to have a flash drive or be able to navigate One Drive . . . I'd have a flash drive as a "back up" -- seriously).

My rules are easy:  Be in your seat when class starts and have your binder/paper/pencil or pen ready and be respectful to everyone (we'll talk more about that later).  You will need your Agenda every day.  Your hall passes are infrequent to never (we'll talk about that, later).  School rules of (1) backpacks stay in your locker; (2) no food or drink; and (3) no cell phones will be enforced.  (I do have a couple of exceptions for the phones as far as research, but breaking a rule about using the phone for other purposes during classtime . . . and your phone will be GONE.  And you'll just have to do your research the old-fashioned way.  If somebody needs you in an emergency, there's a phone in the Main Office.)  If you don't like Detention Hall, then . . . then . . . just manage yourself in such a way that it will not be assigned.  (I use the Remind app, but I'm waiting to make sure the schedule is solid before I activate it.)

But, for right now, I'm happy to be here; if I were not, I'd be retired again -- sitting on my porch watching the tug boats push their barges up and/or down the river.  But, I can do that when I get home -- and when I retire for good.  Right now, I'm doing what I want and grateful and happy that I was invited to Hopkins County Central.