• What do you need for Ms. Niswonger’s class?

    What you must have ~~

    1. A spiral-bound, one-subject notebook that WILL BE LEFT in the classroom.

    It will serve as your Daily Journal.  The entries we make will provide a “rough draft” of (more than) several writing activities.  The journal will also be a record of your attendance on a daily basis and your participation points.  (We’ll discuss how those points will be collected; when they will be formative and how they will lead to a summative grade – you must have this notebook.)

    1. Pencils or pens -- Pencils with erasers are better, since you might make a mistake. Pens must be blue or black ink -- only
    2. Notebook paper (either college-ruled or wide-ruled – doesn’t matter.)

    Optional: 1. Colored pencils (preferred) or markers.  2.  Graph paper.  3.  Ruler   4. Folder or binder for English, or you can use a section of a larger binder for English.  Some material, you will need to save for summative grades at Mid-Term and End of Trimester.  So, that’s pretty much your responsibility how you want to organize it.


    What you do NOT need: 

    1. Composition booklets – paper doesn’t tear out easily – and won’t fit with 3-hole punch.


    What you need to plan – and we will discuss this more the first few daysYou need to plan how to get along WITHOUT your phone.  You need to plan where to store your earbuds (out of sight) either with cords or wireless.  NO VISIBLE EAR BUDS.  NO VISIBLE PHONE.

             “Can I just leave it on my desk?”  NO.                     “Can I leave it in my lap?”  NO.

    An emergency at home?   You can be contacted by the office staff.

    I will take your phone or your earbuds if (and when) you violate this rule -- which would be sad, because sometimes, you might need it for class.  Or, we might get finished a few minutes early and I give a little phone time, but . . . if yours has been sent to the office, then . . . ?  We will discuss how you really shouldn’t argue with me when I catch you with it.  If you don’t want to hand it over, then I will call for assistance from one of the Assistant Principals.

    The rest of my rules are simple – mainly enforcement of school rules, but the “phone thing” is just “non-negotiable”.  We’ll discuss the others the first few days of school.  (Pretty much just revolves around being on time and having your stuff and respect for yourself and others.)