Remember Your Why Award - Nomination Form

Program Description

  • The Remember Your Why Award Program

    Hopkins County Schools wants to recognize employees for good deeds and kindness shown to others. Remember Your Why AwardHCS Remember Your Why on navy blue background winners may be nominated by any district stakeholder, including staff, students, parents, and community members.

    Program Description

    The district’s theme for this year is Remember Your Why. Faculty and staff are encouraged to focus on what’s most important – the reason they went into education or chose to work in the schools. This initiative is designed to motivate staff. We always want to be there for our students! Raising the motivation levels of staff will have positive impacts on students, parents, co-workers, and the community.

    Nominations Process

    Faculty and staff members may be nominated by anyone in the community through a form on the Hopkins County Schools’ website. There will be links to this form on the main district website, social media, and in newsletters. It will also be provided to community organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce. All nominations must include information on how the individual showed exceptional kindness and why he/she deserves the recognition. We will also ask how these actions impacted the nominators’ perception of Hopkins County Schools.

    Recognition of Award Winners

    Each Remember Your Why Award winner will be recognized by the Hopkins County Board of Education during a meeting. Winners will receive a certificate and a Remember Your Why T-shirt. Winners will be recognized in the Staff Newsletter, district social media, and the district website. They will also be given the opportunity to appear in a district video talking about their “why.”