• Test to Stay Program

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    Hopkins County Schools remains committed to providing in-person instruction while safeguarding health and well-being and minimizing the disruptions caused by quarantines.

    Toward that goal, we are introducing a new “Test to Stay” option. In partnership with Ethos Labs, students who would have previously been quarantined because of a positive contact may now be tested over a period of time and stay in school as long as they test negative and remain asymptomatic.

    Parents/Guardians must provide consent for their student to be tested. To do so, create an account online at ethosbacktoschool.com. There is no cost for this testing service.

    “Test to Stay” is an option for anyone who has been identified as a close contact of a positive case as long as you do not have regular contact with that positive case (live in your household, etc.)

    “Test to Stay” uses an FDA-approved Rapid Antigen testing program. These tests are performed in the lower part of the nasal cavity. This is a completely optional program. Tests will be performed at school prior to the start of the school day. Parents must bring their students to school and stay with them until the results are finalized unless the students drive themselves to school. Students who participate will receive results within 15 minutes. If the result is negative, the student may stay in school.

    Students who are considered close contacts will be tested for five consecutive school days or until the quarantine order is lifted whichever comes first. At the end of five days or end of quarantine period (whichever comes first), students will be released from “Test to Stay” procedures.

    If results are positive, the person will be offered an optional follow-up test and must go home. Families that do not wish to participate may continue to follow the quarantine procedures that are in place. 

    “Test to Stay” is designed to support a safe in-person learning environment for your child for the entire school year, and to minimize the need to quarantine students or staff for extended periods. You will receive additional information from your school with specific procedures to follow. We hope you will give this option careful consideration. If you have specific questions, please contact your child’s school.