• Steps to becoming a school volunteer in Hopkins County Schools:

    After contacting your school and receiving permission to volunteer, please complete the following steps.

    1. Complete the CA/N report. CA/N Instructions (Link to the form is embedded in the instructions.)
    2. Complete  Authorization and Waiver (AOC) 
    3. Complete the  Confidentiality Statement 
    4. Return a printed or scanned copy of all three documents to the Department of Pupil Personnel at the Central Office.

    Anyone who would like to volunteer should first complete the CA/N online; a $10 fee will be charged. Once they receive the completed report, they will bring that along with the completed AOC and the Confidentiality Statement to the Central Office. After the DPP office has the CA/N report, completed AOC report and Confidentiality Statement, the school office will be notified that the volunteer is ready to be in our schools.