Principal's Page

  • Hello Grapevine Wildcat family! I cannot wait to get this year rolling. As the principal, I want to make you aware of my commitment to the Grapevine Community.  

    • Every student will be pushed to work harder than they ever thought they could. A dedication to excellence in all we do is paramount because the reward the students should seek is a sense of pride in themselves, their school, and their accomplishments.
    • Students will be challenged in order to show them that they are capable of achieving more than they realize.
    • Every person who enters our doors will be respected. Respect shouldn’t be earned, as the saying goes, it should be given by showing kindness, grace, and compassion regardless of background, race, religion, or ability.
    • We will believe in the students in order to show them that confidence is important in life and we trust in their abilities.
    • We will be holding the students accountable for their actions so they know that the real world will as well. Ultimately, they are going to be responsible for themselves.
    • We will teach students how to grow. Part of holding students accountable is the responsibility to teach them how to fix their mistakes so the same mistakes won’t be repeated. Although in some cases, it will be repeated over and over and over.
    • Most importantly, every student who enters our doors will be shown love, grace, and compassion. 

    For better or worse, being a principal and a teacher is a great responsibility, and one I do not take lightly. I commit to earning the trust of each student, teacher, and parent by leading with faith, integrity, and a passion for the growth of each person who enters the doors of Grapevine Elementary.


    Steven Bauer

    Principal Grapevine Elementary