Assistance Policy

  • Basic Need Qualifications

                                    ****Policy Change****




    As of January 2010, The Grapevine Family Resource Center is changing our basic needs qualifications. Basic needs requests will only be dispensed to families who have attended activities at the school where your child (ren) attend. This especially includes help for Christmas and Thanksgiving .

    Examples of these activities include but are not limited to PTA Meetings, Parent/Teacher Conferences and/or Volunteering somewhere within the school.


    We will have in house sign in sheets for you to sign when you participate in each of these activities.


    Failure to abide by this policy could result in loss of services and/or any future assistance.


    The maximum amount given to each family in need is a one time amount of $25.00 given on your behalf. You must comply with the rules and regulations before getting any funding that you need.


    If you have any questions, please feel free to call Tonja or Lynn at the

    Grapevine Family Resource Center (270-825-6012).