Principal's Page

  •  Welcome to Hanson Elementary School     

    Dear Parents and Students: 


    I want to welcome you to Hanson Elementary School. I hope you are looking forward to the 2020-2021 school year as much as we are. Your teachers and the staff cannot wait to see you again. We know this school year is going to be different and as challenging as ever. I want to assure you that we are making plans to keep every student safe and healthy at school, while maintaining the academic expectations and successes that have been established at Hanson Elementary. 


    At the same time, this school year is going to provide students and staff with new opportunities for growth as we navigate what school looks like during the pandemic. “​The mission of our school is to provide an environment which enables and encourages all students to acquire the basic skills needed for knowing and growing.” In collaboration with you as parents, grandparents, and guardians we will work hard everyday to achieve this mission.  


    Your mindset and approach to this school year will be critical and we appreciate your involvement and feedback. Your input is truly valued, please contact us anytime with questions or concerns. We are looking forward to working together and making 2020-2021 one of the best school years yet.   






    Christian Klaas