• Youth Services Center

    Dana Byrum:  YSC Coordinator

    Monday - Friday

    8 a.m. - 3 p.m. or by appointment

    Room 1172      (270) 825-6133  


    The school related Family-Resource and Youth Services Centers have been created in response to the Kentucky Education Reform Act. The centers have been designed with the intent of meeting the needs of economically disadvantaged children, youth, and their families; thus enhancing students' abilities to succeed in school.

    This will be done by linking families to existing agencies in the community from both the public and private sector. If a service is not in place, the center has the responsibility to set it up. Our overall goal is to develop a system of networking community resources in order to help solve the problems of needy students and their families so that at-risk students are less likely to fail or drop out of school.

    Who Can Use the Youth Services Center?

    Centers receive a state grant based on the number of students eligible for free school meals. However, once a center has been established, all children, youth, and their families become eligible to receive services. Those children in greatest need will be given priority.
    Youth Service Centers are usually located in or near high schools and serve high school students and their families.


    • Referrals to Health and Social Services
    • Substance Abuse Education and Counseling
    • Family Crisis and Mental Health Counseling
    • Career Exploration and Development
    • Summer and Part-Time Job Development 
    • Attendance/Educational Support Services
    • Basic Need/Emergency Assistance