Literacy Portfolio Policy


    (Condensed version follows; see administration for a full policy.)

    In compliance with Kentucky’s College and Career Readiness Literacy Standards, all HCCHS students will have multiple opportunities to develop writing and communication skills for a variety of purposes, and they will employ a variety of writing and technological forms. Student work will be saved in the student’s working literacy portfolio which will be routinely evaluated by the school’s literacy team

    • All content areas will provide students opportunities for 1)writing to learn, 2)writing to demonstrate learning, and 3)writing to publish.
    • Students will receive instruction and feedback on writing tasks
    • Student writing tasks will be evaluated and graded within the course in which they have been assigned.

    For example:

    If a research paper is assigned in Biology I, the biology teacher will grade the assignment, and it will be part of the grade for that class.

    Students may choose which writing tasks to store in their literacy portfolio; however, each year, each portfolio must contain the following:

    1.      A piece from a content area other than English

    2.      A researched piece

    3.      A multimedia project

    4.      An argument or persuasive piece

    5.      A reflective piece

    6.      An on demand piece

    7.      A constructed response


    Every teacher will require one acceptable writing/literacy task in every class. This writing/literacy task will be part of the grade for the class and student will receive an incomplete until completed.

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