Classroom Resources

  • This page has links to files that are useful for any Spanish class.  Please check out the links, files, etc. as you progress through the course.

    We will be using Spanish-English dictionaries from time to time, so you need to purchase one or get an app for your cell phone.  You need to get an Spanish-English dictionary app that allows you to enter single words in both Spanish and English.  A translator is not exactly a dictionary although they can be helpful when you want to investigate things on your own time.

    ¡Aviso!  Using a translation app or website to complete homework, writing activities, etc. is a form of cheating, and if caught, the result will be a zero for that assignment.

    ¡Aviso!  Using the textbook link will require you to download it to your computer, or mobile device.  If you need help, please bring your mobile device to school and I will assist you in getting a link to the text.

    ¡Aviso!   I have set of flashcards.  You can search for me there by senorhayesky and then click on the cards that you want to practice.

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