Paying for College

  • I realize that many of you are stressing over where to begin the post secondary process - college applications, scholarships, housing, etc.  My best recommendation at this time is to take a deep breath and encourage your senior to focus on academics.  If your child's ACT score is below the college benchmarks, please have him/her register for either the October ACT (deadline is September 18th) or the December ACT (deadline is November 6th).  That is the MOST IMPORTANT item to be focusing on at this time. 

    The marathon truly begins after Christmas.  Most scholarships become available in the spring of the year - especially local and regional scholarships.  Also, after January 1st, seniors will begin the process of completing the FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  I have scheduled a FAFSA Parent Night on Wednesday, January 6th to assist with that process. 

    PLEASE do not pay for scholarship information.  There is an abundance of FREE scholarship information - online, library, etc.  Please keep checking my website.  I will be posting scholarship information there.

    Each senior was given a Getting In booklet in May that discusses college planning, financial aid, etc.  If you haven't seen one lying around your home, and would like to see one, please stop by the guidance office.  I still have a few copies left.

    The race has just begun - pace yourself!