• image English III Syllabus


    Hopkins County Central High School


    Language Arts Department





    English III






    Mrs. Sarah Tyson











    Class Location


    Room # 1155


    Office Hours for students


    Before or after school and by appointment.


    Office Hours for parents


    By appointment.


    Course Description


    This course is designed to refine the student’s composition skills, develop literary analysis proficiency, and continue to develop vocabulary.  Students will demonstrate and appreciate various works of American Literature through multiple forms of study/teaching methods. Grammar and composition skills will be heavily addressed as the English III course requires much work placed on generating the writing portfolio; therefore, students will demonstrate their abilities to compose written works that are structurally and grammatically correct. In addition, students will also prepare for ACT/SAT.



    Course Textbook


    The Language of Literature and Language Network, both by McDougal Littell

    **Please note that Language Network is a classroom set.





    English I and English II



    20% class work/homework

    30% quizzes

    50% exams/projects/writing

    Notebook/Journal – test grade

    **A rubric will be provided for all projects and major papers.



    Grading Scale



    A = 90-100

    B = 80-89

    C = 70-79

    D = 60-69

    F = below 60



    Academic Policy

    1. Follow the rules of the syllabus and agenda.

    2. Do as your teacher asks. Ask many questions, and get help if you need.

    3. Participate!

    4. This class will cover a great deal of material. Students must take notes in class, participate, and study nightly to keep up with the material being covered. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check the homework log notebook to obtain missed work/assignments.



    1.      Follow directions the first time given.

    2.      Be in the classroom and seated when the bell rings.

    3.      Bring all appropriate materials to class (paper, pens, books, assignments).

    4.      Avoid disrupting class.

    5.      Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.


    6.      Water, in a clear bottle, is permitted.





    First time – warning

    Second time – 30 minutes detention and contact parents

    Third time – 60 minutes detention and contact parents

    Fourth time – 90 minutes detention and contact parents

    Severe clause – Sent to office


    Late Work for excused absence


    Late work will only be accepted for an excused absence. Students will have the number of days absent to complete and turn in any work missed during the absence. Absolutely no late work will be accepted except for an unexcused absence.

    Example:  If a student misses an assignment on Friday and has an excused absence when he/she returns on Monday, the student MUST make it up and turn it in by Tuesday or the grade will result in a “zero”



    Make Up Test/Quiz Policy

    Make up tests and quizzes must be made up within one week of the test day.  These can be made up either before or after school during ESS. It is your job as a responsible student to arrange a make up test/quiz and procure any handouts from missed work.





    Materials needed for class






    Hall Pass Policy

    1. 3-ring binder (1”-1 ½”) for English class only

    2. loose leaf paper – college ruled

    3. divider tabs (four – journal, grammar, bellringers, literature)

    4. pencil/pen (blue or black ink only)

    5. flash drive (optional)


    We must abide by the school wide 10/10 rule. Do not abuse leaving the classroom. It is the teacher’s discretion as to whether or not you may leave the classroom.



    **Please note that the course outline is subject to change at the teacher’s discretion.