Ms Russell

  • E. Russell About the Teacher
    Graduate of Madisonville North Hopkins High School 1987. 
    Associate Degree in Office Administration 1990; Bachelor's Degree from Murray State University in Comprehensive Business Education (grades 5-12) with a minor in Health Education (grades K-12) 1993; Master's from Murray State University in Technological Education 1998; Rank 1 Certification from Indiana Wesleyan University in Education 2005.  Student Teaching - West Hopkins High School 1993; South Hopkins High School 1994-1996; James Madison Middle School 1996-Present; with 29 years in the classroom.  Subjects taught:  Keyboarding, Computer Applications, Careers/Vocational Studies, Intro to Business, Health, Anatomy, Financial Literacy, Consumer Math, Reading, Wellness-Fitness & Nutrition. Created the JMMS STARS Dance team in 1997 and coached for 15 years, winning a JAMfest National Championship Title in 2002 and the WKAC Championship for 7 years in a row (2003-2009).



    Erika Beury Russell
    Credentials Description Effective
    RANK1 Rank I Education 07-01-2005
    Masters            Technology Education                                                                  07-01-1998
    B102 Teaching Major: Comprehensive Business 07-01-1994
    C89 Teaching Minor: Health 07-01-1994
    E89 Endorsement For Teaching Health Education, Grades K-8 07-01-1994
    M102 Endorsement For Teaching Comprehensive Business, Grades 5-8 07-01-1994
    PSGF Certificate For Teaching In The Secondary Grades 9-12 (And For Departmentalized Grades 7-8 In Field) 07-01-1994




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