6th grade band


    Dear Parents:


    We are preparing for the school year at James Madison Middle School.  In the spring semester we normally visit the fifth graders to discuss the opportunity to join the band at the middle school.  Since COVID-19 caused us to miss the majority of the spring semester we were unable to meet with them.


    The good news is that we are going to have a try on session for the students in the James Madison MS band room on Thursday, September 10th.  This is their time to explore the instrument options and find their perfect fit.  No musical experience necessary to join band.  Most students have never played an instrument.  We will teach them everything they need to know to be successful.


    Playing a musical instrument provides your child with the opportunity for self-expression, creativity, and achievement.  Children who participate in the school band program learn the benefits of teamwork and concentration, and enjoy the feelings of pride and accomplishment.


    We have made special arrangements with the educational department of H & H Music to aid you in obtaining a quality instrument for your child.  A thorough evaluation will be given to determine which instrument is best suited for your child.  You may choose any instrument you wish.  If your child makes satisfactory progress, you may purchase the instrument in regular monthly payments with approved credit.  While on the monthly payment plan, you will still have the option to prepay cash or return the instrument at any time.


    To schedule your try on time, click this link https://bit.ly/3gnPr5Y  If you need help contact kelly@handhmusic.net or call 812-477-5339.  The appointments usually take about twenty minutes.  You can reserve your instrument and any items you need for class during this meeting so they can be delivered to school before they are needed.                


    It is extremely important that interested parents and students attend this meeting.  This will allow us time to adjust your student’s schedule and get the instrument ready for them.






                                                                            Alan Emerson

                                                                            Band Director


    Please bring this slip when you come to your appointment.



    My child is interested in playing



    Child’s Name


    Parent’s Name





    Home Phone



    Work Phone







    e-mail     ____________________________________________________________

    6th grade band is our beginning band classes. 

    Book required for 2020-21 6th grade band.


    Standard of excellence book 1 is available from H&H Music (www.handhmusic.net or 800-442-1313). They will deliver. I will also have the book available in the JMMS band office until late August.


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