My Home Page

  • Hello!  My name is Andy Belcher, and I proudly serve as the guidance counselor at James Madison Middle School!

    School counselors are professional educators with a mental health perspective who understand and respond to the challenges presented by the complexities of the 21st century American family.  In Kentucky, a professional middle school counselor must hold at minimum a master’s degree and required state certification in school counseling in order to practice.  Maintaining certification includes on-going professional development to stay current with education reform and challenges facing today’s students.  Middle school counselors do not work in isolation; rather, we are integral to the total educational program.  We provide proactive leadership that engages all stakeholders in the delivery of programs and services to help students achieve success in school.  At James Madison, that means providing guidance in the following ways:

    Parent information/orientation
    Academic planning programs
    Parent and family education
    One-on-one parent conferencing
    Assessment results interpretation
    Resource referrals
    College/career exploration

    Assistance with students’ academic plans
    Classroom guidance activities on study skills, career development, etc.
    Academic support, learning style assessment and education to help students succeed academically
    Guest speakers
    At-risk student identification and implementation of interventions to enhance success
    Parent communication/education

    School climate
    Behavioral management plans
    School-wide needs assessment
    Student data and results
    Student assistance team building

    Peer education
    Peer support
    Academic support
    School climate
    Leadership development 

    Job shadowing, service learning
    Crisis interventions
    Support groups
    Career education

    Please allow me the pleasure to serve your family during your time at James Madison Middle School.


    Andy Belcher