Skills Day Assignments - Skill packets

  • Skills Day #4 & #5 Concert Choir & Chamber singers: 
    You will write a one page typed report on the composer of your choice for EACH skills day. EACH report will consist of a title page, one page body, and reference page where you state where you found your information. If you simply cut and paste you will receive a zero for each day. Following is a list of choral/vocal composers you may choose from:
    J. S. Bach
    Samuel Barber
    Bela Bartok
    Ludwig V. Beethoven 
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Hector Berlioz
    Leonard Bernstein
    Georges Bizet
    Johannes Brahms
    Benjamin Britten
    Aaron Copland
    Edward Kennedy (Duke) Ellington
    George Gershwin
    Felix Mendelssohn (-Bartholdy)

    Please talk about their personal life, career, choral/vocal contributions, and any other interesting facts.  They may be composers of other ensembles such as band, orchestra or piano etc. but I am mostly interested in their choral or vocal contributions.