Benefits FAQs

  • General Questions

    1. Who do I contact when I change my name or address?  Please download and complete this packet to change your information with Payroll and Benefits.
    2. As a new employee, when do my benefits become effective?  New employee benefits are effective on the first day of the second month following the date of hire in the letter from the Superintendent. (For example, if you are hired in August, your benefits are effective on October 1st.)
    3. If I resign, when do my benefits expire?  Health insurance coverage ends the month you leave. (For example, if you leave on the 15th or before, coverage ends on the 15th of that month. If you leave on the 16th or after, coverage ends the last day of that month. Group life insurance ends the end of the month you leave.
    4. What insurance benefits can I opt out of?  Health insurance is the only coverage that you may opt out of. Dental, vision, and the life policies are mandatory.

    Anthem Health Insurance

    1. Can I manage my health account online? Visit the KEHP website .
    2. Are there any benefits for smoking cessation?  Visit the Kentucky Employee Health Plan wellness portal for information.
    3. Where can I get a health insurance handbook? We no longer provide handbooks to our employees; however, feel free to download a benefits selection guide.
    4. Where can I find a summary of my benefits and coverage? Visit the Kentucky Employees' Health Plan website and select the coverage option that matches your enrollment.
    5. Can I opt out of health insurance since I am covered by my spouse?  Yes. You may opt out and get a waiver debit card ($2100) in a Flexible Spending account. This is not the same benefit as a flexible spending account.
    6. How do I go about waiving my policy? You will complete the KEHP Enrollment form (in the BASIC packet for new hires) and complete the waiver section at the bottom of the form.

    VSP Vision

    1. What eyecare providers are in network?
    2. How can I contact VSP with questions?  You may call 800-877-7195, email, or visit the website at The Hopkins County Board of Education Contract number is #12024699. Further contact information is available on this document.
    3. What benefits am I eligible for?  Please read your vision benefit summary.
    4. I visited out out-of-network eyecare provider. How can I file for reimbursement?  Please download and complete the Out-of-Network Reimbursement Form and mail to the address listed on the form.

    Delta Dental

    1. Who are the participating dentists?  Participating dentists in our area (Caldwell, Christian, Henderson, Hopkins, and Webster counties) are listed on this link. (Please scroll to the bottom of the document.) The dentists may change; if you are unsure about their status, ask your dentist or call Delta Dental Plan of Kentucky at 800-955-2030.
    2. If I do not use a participating dentist, what is my coverage?  If you do not use participating dentists, you will be responsible for paying any differences between the dentist's fees and Delta Dental allowable amounts.
    3. What benefits am I eligible for?  Please read this document for a list of benefits.
    4. How can I contact Delta Dental with questions?  You may call customer service at 800-955-2030 or visit their website at

    5Star Life Insurance

    1. If I resign from my position and move to another KY district, is my 5Star Life Insurance portable?  No, this insurance is provided by the local board of education. If you resign, you lose coverage.
    2. When can I add additional coverage to this policy? You may add Voluntary Term Life Insurance  when you are hired as a new employee without answering medical questions. You may also add Voluntary during open enrollment, but if you do so, you must answer medical questions. You may add Age 100 Life Insurance to this policy as a new employee or during open enrollment each fall.
    3. Can I continue my 5Star policy if I resign? If you purchased the add-on coverage (VTL or Age 100), you may continue to pay on your policy directly to 5Star.
    4. Do I need to answer all of the medical questions on the enrollment form when I am originally hired? No, you do not have to answer the medical questions unless you are using the VTL or Age 100 forms to add optional coverage. You will still need to complete the remainder of the enrollment form, however.
    5. How can I make changes to my 5 Star Life policies (such as name change, change of payments, etc.)?  Please contact 5Star directly at this number:  866-863-9753.

    MetLife Insurance

    1. If I resign from my position and move to another KY district, is my MetLife Insurance portable? Yes, this insurance is provided by the state, so it can transfer with you to a position in another KY school district.
    2. If I resign from my position, can I continue to pay this policy? You can work with MetLife to continue paying for the policy personally.
    3. How can I make beneficiary changes to my policy?  Download the enrollment change form and contact the HR department.

    Cafeteria 125 Fringe Benefit Plan

    1. What is the procedure for purchasing additional coverage with pre-tax dollars?  District employees have the option of purchasing additional coverage from American Fidelity and/or AFLAC. Our American Fidelity agent will visit school locations in the February/March timeframe each year. Each employee is required to sign-off with coverage choices at that time. Notification will be sent to district employees when our AFLAC agent is available for consultation.
    2. How do I make changes to my American Fidelity or Kentucky Deferred Comp policy?  Contact American Fidelity at or Kentucky Deferred Compensation at