Substitute Teachers

  • Substitute Teacher Handbook


    • All new substitute teachers are required to apply for a job online. Mandatory online training must be completed before the candidate will be invited for an interview.
    • If you are an active substitute teacher in good standing, you will receive a Substitute Information Update Form via mail in spring to complete and return to the District to indicate your preference for employment the following school year. You will not need to reapply for a job if your status is active.
    • If you have a break in service from one school year to the next, you must reapply for a substitute teaching position for employment consideration.


    • Hopkins County Schools requires that each substitute teacher work a minimum of ten days per school year prior to March to remain active. At least one of those days must be worked in the first semester (before Christmas).
    • If you do not work at least ten days in the current school year before March, you will receive a letter that notifies you that you will not be re-employed for the next school year. You will be required to re-apply for a job if you wish to return. At that point, you must meet all requirements stated under ‘Applying for a Job’.
    • If you no longer wish to be on the district sub list, call Jenny Harris (825-6100 Ext. 22246) or email to be removed.


    • Substitute teachers can make school selections in Frontline Education.
    • School principals may remove your name from their preferred caller lists. If a principal blocks you from their school, you will not receive calls for that school. A principal may use their discretion to block substitutes for any reason as it is their job to create a quality and safe environment for all staff and students in their school.


    • When you retire from Hopkins County Schools, you may choose to become a substitute teacher at some point during the immediate break of service. You must provide the District with a copy of your daily wage threshold from KTRS before you are hired as a substitute teacher.
    • If you have more than a one year break in service from the date of retirement, you must apply online, complete the online SafeSchools training, and complete all paperwork required of new subs.
    • You must log into Frontline Education and mark your non-work days and can also mark yourself as ‘inactive’ so you do not receive calls for whatever time period you prefer.  
    • If you have not accepted a job for the entire year, we will mark you as ‘inactive’. You may change that status at any time if you wish to accept calls.


    Substitute teachers operate under a non-contractual agreement. Any of the following may indicate separation/termination:

    • Employee does not work ten days during a school year
    • Employee has been blocked by all principals from servicing their schools
    • Employee does not return a Substitute Information Update Form in the spring of the year indicating preferences for the next school year
    • Employee is an emergency sub and does not have a TC-4 application on file in our office
    • Employee does not receive required trainings
    • District Office is notified of concerns from school principal


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