• We appreciate volunteers who donate their precious time and talents to our students and staff. We invite you to become a part of the Hopkins County Schools' Volunteer Program. Everyone can help make a difference in our schools.

    Definition of Volunteer

    Volunteers are persons who do not receive compensation for assisting in a school or program. Teacher education students or students enrolled in an educational institution who participate in observations and educational activities under direct supervision of a teacher or administrator shall not be considered volunteers.

    Background Check

    If this is your first time volunteering in our district and you will have contact with students on a regularly scheduled or continuing basis OR you will have supervisory responsibility for children at a school site or on a school-sponsored trip, you must complete an online application and provide information for background checks.

    The records check requirement does not apply to parents who provide assistance with a single or sporadically scheduled school event and who are not responsible for supervising students at these events. All volunteers are required to be "under the direction and supervision of professional administrative and teaching staff."

    A state criminal records check may be conducted at any time on any volunteer upon request of the Superintendent/designee.

    Steps to Becoming a Volunteer (Please follow steps at this link.)

    Work-Based Site Supervisors

    Work-based learning site supervisors are considered volunteers.  Pursuant to KRS 160.380 and KRS 161.148, prior to being assigned to supervise a student for more than one (1) day in a work-based learning experience, the site supervisor shall have undergone a state criminal background check either as required by their employer at the time of employment or within the past twelve (12) months, whichever is the more recent.


    As you work with staff and students, you may be exposed to confidential information. All volunteers must sign a confidentiality statement on file at the school where you are volunteering.

    Name Badge / Sign In/Out

    When you check into the office upon arrival, please get a volunteer badge and wear it all times while on school property.

    School Safety

    Each school has safety procedures that will need to be followed. The school where you volunteer should furnish this to you. This information shall include, but not be limited to, pertinent policies and safety and emergency procedures.

    School Volunteer Coordinators

    Please contact your school if you have a question for the volunteer coordinator.


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