Ms. Nelson's Class

  • Welcome!!!

    This is the wonderful world of Math!

    Knowledge I will teach you ~YODA!

    For all the information you will need please go the following googleclassroom 

    Geometry A: 2gsfgn

    Geometry CS A: csqwkb9 


    Jackie Nelson :)



    **Study Tip**

    I know it is difficult to study for math test.  You can not just read the information out loud to understand it, you can make flash cards to practice with a friend. The key to studying for Math test is practice practice practice.  Even when you think you have got the concept perfect keep practicing it.  Use Review Packets and End of Chapter Reviews in your book and treat them like your own at home test.  Time yourself and take the test, grade your own work and see what you struggle with most.  If there is a concept you seem to always mess up on make a note of it to ask your teacher the next day.  Also, do not study too much.  You can burn out on studying and then your brain will go flat on test day.


    ~Ms. Nelson






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