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  •  About Ms. Kelly Lippert



             My name is Kelly Lippert and I teach stdents in high school who have moderate, severe, and profound disabilities. I received my college education and teaching degree through Western Kentucky University. I have my master’s degree in School Guidance and Counseling through Murray State University. I have been teaching for 17 years and am currently working on my 18th year. My first year was at South Middle School in Henderson, Kentucky, then eleven years were at West Hopkins School (WHS) here in Hopkins County, and the past five years I have worked at Madisonville North Hopkins High School. I decided to become a special educator of students with moderate and severe disabilities while I was a peer tutor at here at Madisonville North Hopkins High School.

         I am married to a wonderful man, Lee, and I have a 14-year-old son, Michael, and a 9-year-old daughter, Megan. Michael will be a freshman her at North this year and Megan is a fourth grader at Grapvine. I really enjoy being a mom and spending time with my family. I also have 3 dogs,  Bunny, Oreo, and Rocky who are spoiled rotten. We are one big happy family.

            My program is an inclusive program. I hold pull out classes for English, Math, Job Skills, Science, History, and other targeted skills. I consult with my co-teachers and CIA's on a daily basis to insure that the program my students are following is allowing my students to reach the highest level of success possible in and out of my resource classroom. I have two CIA's, Angela Cunningham and LeAnna Olvera, who help to implement my inclusive program and to help my student to succeed. Angela has been with me both my 2 years at North and has been a CIA for just about as long as I have been a teacher. LeAnna is new to our classroom and has been working with us for 1/2 a year.  Both are great at their job. The students love them and work great for them. This program could not be a success without them.

    Classroom Expectations

              I expect my students to work hard, try hard, do their best, never give up, treat others the way they want to be treated, and to follow classroom and school rules. I expect my student to achieve to their highest potential and always try on difficult tasks. I reward my students for their efforts and good behavior with verbal praise as well as physical rewards and breaks. My Philosophy is NEVER GIVE UP; no matter how tough something may seem, keep trying and you will have success.  

    Class Schedules

            Class schedules change periodically throughout the year to help meet each student's needs. If you would like to conference with me, please call and I will set up an appointment with you. If you would like to visit your child and would like a copy of his/her schedule, I will be more than happy to send you a copy. If you are looking to volunteer for a specific classroom event, please contact our teacher leader, Trevor Rhye. 

    I hold resource classes in my room all day with plan dring 3rd period most days. However, some students may spend some time in resource with CIA support while I am on Planning and Lunch break. The activities that they do are designed by myself and are implemented the way the CIAs have been trained to implement them. I keep in close collaboration to ensure success during this time.  

    If you need a parent/teacher conference, please feel free to contact the school to set one up with me. I have a plan from 10:10-11:10. I do work through my plan at times, so please make an appointment, so I can for sure be available to meet.

    I check my e-mail often and is a great way to contact me. You can e-mail me anytime and my responce should be quick.  

    Once again, good collaboration between us can only strengthen your child's education.