Academic Team

2018-2019 Important Dates

Quick Recall Tryouts will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (November 13th, 14th, 15th) in Mr. Young's room from 2:50-3:50.  

Middle Grades

Deadline for Entering Student Names Online: Wednesday, January 9
District–Coaches’ Planning Meeting: Thursday, January 10
District–Future Problem Solving and Composition: Tuesday, January 15
District–Assessment, Quick Recall: Saturday, January 19
Deadline for Confirming Students for Regional Online: Midnight Wednesday, January 23
Regional–Coaches’ Planning Meeting: Thursday, January 24
Regional–Future Problem Solving & Composition: Monday, January 28
Regional–Assessment, Quick Recall: Saturday, February 2
Deadline for Confirming Students for State Online: Midnight Wednesday, February 13
State Finals: March 16-18, Galt House, Louisville – Sat.: FPS/Composition; Sun.: Quick Recall/Assessment