Welcome to HCCHS Air Force JROTC KY-20001  


    Hopkins County Central High School Air Force Junior ROTC was selected by the Air Force as a “Distinguished Unit” for academic year 2018-2019. HCCHS AFJROTC has been selected a Distinguished Unit for the 3 years in a row. The Distinguished Unit Award recognizes the personal growth and accomplishments of the cadets, the contributions of the instructors as mentors of the cadets, and the support of the school and community. The Distinguished Unit Award is limited to the very best of the best of our nation’s 897 Air Force Junior ROTC units.


    What is JROTC?

    Air Force Junior Reserved Officer Training Corps (JROTC) provides opportunities for a more fulfilling high school experience. JROTC is not a recruiting program, it is a citizenship and leadership program. Classes combine leadership with aerospace sciences or social studies. All classes include one day every week for fitness. JROTC provides a great opportunity for building strong personal character, and self-discipline. Extracurricular activities include drill team, orienteering (combination of terrain navigation and cross country running) Military Ball/Dining In and overnight field trips, etc. JROTC extracurricular activities are voluntary, but strongly encouraged because they are a lot of fun. JROTC provides a unique learning opportunity and fun activities. Our Drill,Orienteering and Marksmanship teams compete at the national level.


    Major Beverly Mock - Senior Aerospace Science Instructor, 825-6133, ext. 51094,

    Chief Master Sgt Keith Finney - Aerospace Science Instructor, 825-6133, ext. 510933,



    “Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation, community and school.”

    The objectives of JROTC are to educate and train high school cadets in citizenship, promote community service, instill responsibility, character, and self-discipline, and provide instruction in air and space fundamentals.

    The AFJROTC program is grounded in the Air Force core values:

    Integrity First – Being honest and doing the right thing, even when no one is looking or when you won’t receive credit for it.

    Service before Self – Putting the needs of the community, teammates, and others above that of your own.

    Excellence in ALL We Do – Striving to do your best at all times.


    Cadet Honor Code:

    “Cadets will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate among them anyone who does.”



    The curriculum emphasizes the Air Force heritage and traditions, the development of flight, applied flight sciences, military aerospace policies, and space exploration.

    Curriculum opportunities include:

    • Academic studies
    • Character education
    • Life skills education
    • Leadership opportunities
    • Team-building experiences
    • Intramural competition
    • Field trips / training opportunities


    Field Trips:

    This year, 2019-2020, we will go on several field trips:

    -          Field Training Exercise, Wendall Ford Training Center

            Military Installations/Sites in Pensacola, FL

    -          Orienteering, Drill and Marksmanship competitions, as scheduled


    Previous trips have been to Huntsville, AL; Charleston, SC; Dayton, OH; and Washington, DC. Every year, we keep the cost of the trips low due to several fund raisers and HQ JROTC contribution. In September, we are scheduled for a Field Training Exercise (FTX). At FTX, we sleep outside under makeshift tents, run day and night navigation courses, and participate in other challenging activities.


    Community Service:

    This year we plan to provide community support through:

    • Adopt-A-Highway
    • 9/11 Hero’s Run
    • Parades
      • Veterans Day
      • Christmas
    • WKVC Programs
      • Memorial Services
      • Veteran’s Day Programs
      • Christmas Donation, Games
    • Veteran’s Day Assembly
    •  Color Guards
      • American Legion
      • MLK Color Guard

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