• Hopkins County Schools is planning to offer both in-person learning and a remote learning option for the 2020-2021 school year. We appreciate parents and students remaining flexible as we move forward amidst the unknowns of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Hopkins County Schools Reopening Plan

    (Approved by Board of Education on Aug. 3, 2020)

    The district will operate under the in-person hybrid learning model starting Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021. The Remote Learning Program will also continue.


    We will be adding to this information hub throughout the school year. More information about each option follows:

In-Person Learning

  • We will offer In-Person Learning following the state’s Healthy at School guidelines and guidance from our local health department. We are planning to start in-person learning following an A-B plan hybrid model. Depending on guidance from health officials, how this instruction is provided may change. Following is general information regarding plans for the year:

    A-B Hybrid Model: This is a rotational model with students divided into two groups alphabetically based on their last name. This plan reduces risks to students and staff by lowering the number of students in class. It also reduces the student-teacher ratio and gives us opportunity for greater social distancing.

    Example of the A-B hybrid model:

    • Group A – Students with last names starting with A-K will have in-person class on Monday and Tuesday, with blended learning from home on Wednesday thru Friday.
    • Group B – Students with last names starting with L-Z will have in-person class on Thursday and Friday, with blended learning from home on Monday thru Wednesday.

    Our intention is to keep all students from the same household on the same schedule. Please contact your school or the Department of Pupil Personnel with any questions.

    HCS at Home logo HCS at Home: Our Non-Traditional Instruction program will now be known as #HCSatHome. This model will be used for students enrolled in in-person learning when state or local health officials deem that it is safer for school buildings to not be open. HCS at Home will offer a blended model and has been designed to keep kids engaged in learning.

Remote Learning Program

  • Remote Learning Program logo The Remote Learning Program will be a blended learning model in which students receive a combination of online programs, interactive virtual lessons with teachers, and virtual meetings/discussions with teachers and other students.  Performance assessments will also be used. Students will be fully enrolled in Hopkins County Schools. Students will have a teacher who will provide lessons and support and monitor their progress. Students will still be considered enrolled in their current school/school within their attendance zone.


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District Meal Program

  • The district will offer breakfast and lunch service to all students. Additional details are available on the following webpage:

    Meal Pickup, Delivery Updates