Mrs. Tackett: 7th Grade Science

  • Seventh Grade Science:  Mrs. Tackett

    I want to introduce myself and let you know some of the expectations I have for your child as a member of my class.  My name is Vanessa Tackett, and I am the 7th grade science teacher.  This is my fifth year at Browning Springs.  I attended Browning Springs when I was in middle school and I am glad to be here teaching the subject I love.  Both my children attended school here as well.

    I believe students learn best when expectations are understood.  I want to share some of my expectations with you so together we can help your child have the best year possible.  I expect my students to come to class prepared everyday with any homework ready to hand in.  I will not assign homework every night but there will be some if your child is unable to complete his/her assignment in class. 

    Our chapter tests will be cumulative.  Beginning with the second chapter test, 90% of their test grade will be from the current chapter and 10% will be form previous chapters.  Soon after your child has taken a test, I will grade and return it.  We will go over the answers in class.  The cumulative part of the test will be similar questions from their previous test.  Each student will have their old test with the correct answers to study.  Students who look over their old tests a few times a week should not have a problem doing well on the cumulative portion of the test.  Please go over the old tests with your child when there is an opportunity.

    Thank you for visiting my website. 

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