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    My name is Mr. Baker, and I am a resource teacher at Earlington Elementary School. This is my tenth year at EES, and I don't believe there is a more exciting school at which to teach. Big things are happening here at EES, and I am proud to be a part of them. I have been married for many (many!) years to a wonderful woman named Deborah, and I have two children -- Heather and Andrew. My wife and I are expecting our first granddaughter in October of this year (2016) and couldn't be more excited.

    I teach students with special needs. I can't imagine a more rewarding career choice. Most of us are capable of learning everything that is taught to us; some of us just learn differently from others. This is what keeps my job challenging and rewarding. Helping my students be successful is a privilege I look forward to everyday. I actually can't wait to come to work everyday, and with students as awesome as mine are, this never changes.

    I have high expectations for my students! I expect my students to work hard and give their very best. We don't accept excuses and don't use any disabilites we may have as an excuse to not work hard and learn. We work vigorously every day to beat the odds -- and WE DO beat the odds. I work with a variety of students and have found that as long as my students are willing to try, they are capable of accomplishing just about anything.