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  •    Welcome to our Classroom of Friends

    Kindergarten is an exciting time as children embark upon new adventures in the world of learning.  The beginning of the school year is a time of adjustment for children, parents, and teachers.  It takes time to adapt to a new envrionment, new friends, new rules, and new routines.  The key for all of us for these first few weeks is PATIENCE.   Parents as well as children may have some apprehensions about what will happen.  It is extremely important to keep in mind that we all build on small successes.  Each child will progress at his/her own rate, acquiring skills as he/she is developmentally ready.  Maintaining each child's self-esteem and building a secure foundation for future growth will always remain a priority in our classroom.

    I am looking forward to a great year together. 


    Helpful Hints
    - read and familiarize yourself with the school handbook
    - read and discuss the Student Code of Conduct handbook with your child

    - write your child's name on backpack, lunch box, and jacket.

    -anyone entering the school MUST pick up a visitor's pass at the office
    - all students must have a written note for any bus change/or to leave with
    someone other than their parent
    - no toys should be brought to school
    - wear tennis shoes and shorts/pants for gym
    - check your child's backpack and folder daily