Speech - Language - Fluency - Voice - Pragmatics

  • The speech-language therapists’ role at Hanson is to consult, assist, support and diagnose children three years of age thru 5th grade in the areas of speech, language, pragmatics (social language), fluency, and voice. 


    Speech or Language Impairment is a category within special education domain.  Qualification for therapy following the Kentucky Eligibility Guidelines Revised for Speech or Language Impairments.  Delays must adversely affect educational, social, emotional, or vocational development in order to qualify for support.  When a student qualifies, services are provided in a pull-out setting in the speech resource room.  The speech-language pathologists and the classroom teachers have developed a positive relationship so that communication skills are embedded throughout the students’ day.


    Kimberly Thompson and Megan Williams are speech-language pathologists with multiple years of experience.  Kenna Moore, Early Childhood Instructional Assistants, serve a crucial role in assisting in due process paperwork and working with the children. 


    Contact Information:

    Phone (270) 825-6158 ext. 138


    Kimberly Thompson, Speech Therapist



    Kenna Moore, Early Childhood Instruction Assistant



    Megan Williams, Speech Therapist