About Us

  • The Pennyroyal Mental Health Center began operation of the Hopkins County Adolescent Day Treatment Program in cooperation with the Hopkins County School System in August, 1983, with a grant from the Department of Social Services.

    Initially, there were two components to the program, including a 15 student, self-contained facility on the campus of Browning Springs Middle School, and an out-reach component serving grades 6 through 12 throughout the Hopkins County School System. These services eventually evolved into a 6 through 12 self-contained program serving 45 students in grades 6 through 12 for the entire county. In 1986 the program moved to 110 Sugg Street. Next, in July 1988, the Hopkins County Board of Education became the sole-host contract agency. Then in July 1993, the program moved to the Caldwell Smith Education Center at 208 N. Kentucky Ave. In July 1997, the program began contracting with the Department of Juvenile Justice. In January 1998, the program moved to 5770 Anton Road.  With renovations completed in late 2011, the program makes it a full circle and has returned to 110 Sugg Street in Madisonville.

    The Hopkins County Day Treatment Program (HCDTP) is a program of the Hopkins County Schools System. The main mission of HCDTP is to assist students in improving their self-control and self-respect. The program objectives include the prevention and treatment of delinquency and the prevention of unnecessary institutionalization of youths. The program also provides transitional services for those youths who have been in residential treatment or other alternative and day treatment programs. Also, the day treatment program provides a structured environment for these youth so that they may continue their education or GED study and remain in the community and with their families to resolve problems and receive treatment. The program serves male and female school-aged youths (ages 12 to 18) who can be maintained in the local community, but who function poorly in school and/or at home because of irresponsible or inappropriate behaviors. Individual counseling, academic instruction, GED instruction, work experience/employability skills instruction, and community involvement activities are some of the Day Treatment services.


    The treatment philosophy of the Hopkins County Day Treatment Program shall be anchored in the belief that comprehensive strategies are needed to combat youth issues in the community. These strategies begin with strengthening the families in their primary role of instilling respectable values, providing guidance and support to children, and supporting core social institutions such as schools and religious and community organizations in their roles of developing capable, mature, and responsible youth.