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     Auto Technology Syllabus


    2017 - 2018




    Welcome to Automotive Technology.  You will find that this is not like any other high school class you have taken.  We are a fully functioning automotive shop, run like a business, where students are “paid” with a grade.  You will hear “Workplace Readiness” frequently from me and your child. Much of the students’ grades will be based on this principle, and will better prepare them to enter the work force or pursue further education. Students will gain knowledge and skills for entering careers in automotive service and repairs; parts supply and after-market product installation.



    Automatic Transmission and Transaxle

    Ø  Automatic Transmission Fundamentals

    Ø  Servicing the Automatic Transmission/Transaxle

    Ø  Hybrid and Continuously Variable Transmission

    Ø  Hydraulic Fundementals

    Ø  Hydraulic Controlled Transmissions

    Ø  Electronically Controlled Transmissions

    Suspension and Steering

    Ø  Servicing Wheels

    Ø  Servicing the Suspension System *Wheel alignments

    Ø  Suspension and Steering Diagnostics


    Ø  Principles of Electrical System

    Ø  Meter Usage and Circuit Diagnosis

    Ø  Battery Systems

    Ø  Starting and Charging Sytems

    Ø  Lighting Systems

    Ø  Body Electric Systems





    1” Binder with paper                             

    Shop Clothes for Lab work

    Safety Glasses




    The expectations governing our classroom.

    1.   Be respectful to others and property.  Do not disturb others from learning and teacher from teaching.

    2.   Be prepared.  Bring all materials and be ready to learn.

    3.   Be on time.

    4.   Follow directions immediately after given.

    5.   Cell phone and iPod use is not permitted in my class.  (unless instructed to do so)

    6.   Student will act in a safe manner at all times.

    7.   Students must wear eye protection and closed toed footwear.

    8.   Students will use computers in an appropriate manner.

    9.   Students will use appropriate language at all times.

    10. Ask instructor BEFORE working on any vehicle!

    11. No moving customer vehicles.

    12. No food or drink in classroom.

    13. Do not enter shop without instructor’s explicit permission.

    14. No sitting in or on shop cars.

    15. Appropriate use of tools and equipment!

    16. No horseplay permitted in classroom or shop.

    17. Report unsafe conditions or injury to instructor immediately.

    18. Theft or vandalism is cause for permanent removal from class, an “F” grade for the semester, and possible legal action.




    My response for breaking the rules are as followed:

    1.     Verbal warning.

    2.     Written notification to parents by way of email or letter.

    3.     Call and/or meeting with parents

    4.     Meeting with parents and administration

    Any of these steps may be bypassed depending on the severity of the misbehavior.


    We will practice these procedures daily to assure that the student understands.  The procedures include:

    1)     How I begin each class.

    2)    What happens when materials are not brought to class.

    3)    How students get my attention if they have a question.

    4)    How I handle restroom breaks and hall passes.

    5)    Where finished work is turned in.

    6)    How students make up work when absent.

    7)    How tests or quizzes may be made up.

    8)    The timeframe for turning in work.

    9)    What happens when you are tardy.

    10)  How I handle misuse of cell phones/iPods.



                Attendance is vital to learning the required material, because each lesson builds upon the previous one. You are responsible for completing all missed work within three days of the absence. This is a hands-on class and lab exercises are difficult to make up in some situations.


    Any act of cheating or plagiarism will not be tolerated.  I follow the district’s policy pertaining to academic dishonesty.


     Your scores on homework, in-class assignments, labs, quizzes, and tests will determine your grade. If a student has any concern over their grade, I will be happy to discuss the situation and any available options. Students are strongly urged to check their grades frequently and assess their progress well in advance of end of term. Parents and students should check grades online.


    The school wide grading scale is:

    90 - 100% A, 80 - 89% B, 70 - 79% C, 60 - 69% D, 59% and below F.



    All cars being worked on in the shop must first be approved by the instructor. Even though emergencies occur with cars breaking down, we are not here to schedule work as a garage would. Time schedules will not be considered or given as related to repair work of any given automobile. ONLY work related to the course will be considered. No work will be performed on a car if the subject has not first been covered in the classroom.


    ALL students will be expected to participate in shop and classroom cleanup at the end of each class period. Ample time will be allotted b the instructor for this purpose. All tools will be cleaned and put in the proper place before class will be dismissed.



    I am honored and excited to join you in your newest academic adventure! This course will be fun and interesting, but it will also be difficult and demanding. You must decide from today that you are willing to put in the time and effort required to master the material. I pledge to meet your expectations, and to treat you with honor, fairness, and respect. Welcome, and good luck!