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  • Why does Hopkins County Schools have

     Career Eduation program?


    These days, employers are demanding much more of our students than they did just a few years ago. Unskilled labor has gone from around 60% of the workforce in the 1950's to around 12% in the 90's!


    Jobs being done by manpower yesterday are being done by machine today with highly trained computer technicians commanding the operation. With this technology boom, high tech skilled labor is no longer an option, it is a necessity. Students that do not prepare themselves now for these high tech jobs will fall behind. Hopkins County Schools is focusing on CAREER EDUCATION to prepare students for the future job market.


    CAREER EDUCATION is designed to create a system of educating students about careers and work. It should begin when they enter kindergarten and build their knowledge base about careers throughout their school tenure until entering the workforce. It will involve all students in career awareness, career exploration, and career preparation activities. Through these activities, students will develop a better understanding of their interests, have a more relevant school curriculum centered around those interests, and have a more developed sense of purpose and direction. Motivation to continue their education should increase and dropout rates should decrease.

    Hopkins County Schools' Career Education Program has evolved into the type of comprehensive program that meets current Core Content for Practical Living and Vocational Studies at all levels of eduation.  It requires a commitment from educators at all grades, administrators in every school, and local business and industry giving generously of their time and career expertise.

    To take a closer look at each CAREER EDUCATION activity, please click on My Resources. 

    Career Education Activities for grades K-12

    3rd Grade - It's In The Bag

    4th Garde - MAPS, Mentoring and Preparing Students to Navigate their Future

    5th Grade - School Ambassador, Junior Leadership Hopkins County

    'What I want to be..." Elementary School Activity

    7th Grade - REAL, Rural Entrepreneurship Through Action Learning

    LIFE, Learning It First Through Education (a reality store)

    8th Grade - Career Connections, A Career Cluster Career Fair

    Creating Futures, A Special Needs Career Fair

    School Amassador, Junior Leadership Hopkins County

    9th Grade -College and Career ROAD TRIP! to Madisonville Community College

    10th - 12th Grades

    High School Career and Technical Education

    Career Pathways for HCCHS and MNHHS including dual credit courses with Madisonville Community College and post secondary course selection at Madisonville Community College and Murray State University in CTE areas: Business and Marketing, Family and Consumer Science, Health Science, Engineering and Technology.

    School Ambassador, Junior Leadership Hopkins County, 11th/12th grades



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