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    Consistent with 704 KAR 3:285, the purpose of The Hopkins County Department of Services for Gifted and Talented is to identify and to provide educational services for approximately 15% of the student population whose abilities and talents are believed to be significantly more advanced than those of their age and peer group. The department takes into consideration students who may be underachieving, students with disabilities, and students from diverse or disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Primary Talent Pool
    Informally selected students in grades K-3 will be observed as they progress through the primary program. No formal testing or evaluation must take place at this stage, and students exiting the primary program may or may not qualify for gifted/talented services when formal identification occurs in grade 4. After formal identification, students receive services consistent with their individual needs, interests, and abilities, based upon continuous assessment. 

    Areas of Gifted/Talented Service and Eligibility Requirements
    Note: Normed scores in the ninth stanine for intellectual ability and academic aptitude represent an arbitrary way of identifying high potential students, but the presence or absence of this criteria alone is insufficient to formally identify for or to exclude a student from services.

    (Grades 4-12)

    1. General Intellectual Ability
      Requires at least two pieces of supporting data in addition to either a score of 96-99%ile on a nationally-normed test of intellectual ability, or a cognitive skills indicator score of 128 or above.
    2. Specific Academic Aptitude: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
      Requires at least two pieces of supporting data in addition to a score of 96-99%ile on a nationally-normed test in a specific academic subject.
    3. Creativity: Creative and Divergent Thinking Ability
      Requires at least three pieces of supporting data from a list of ten possible options available from GT Coordinators in each school building.
    4. Leadership
      Requires at least three pieces of supporting data from a list of ten possible options available from GT Coordinators in each school building.
    5. Visual/Performing Arts: Art, Dance, Drama, Music (Vocal and/or Instrumental)
      Requires at least three pieces of supporting data from a list of ten possible options available from GT Coordinators in each school building.

    The Identification Process
    The district and local schools work together to compile data supporting the eligibility of students for gifted/talented services. While this data usually comes from teachers and from standardized tests, recommendation and support material may also come from parents/guardians, peers, or from a student's self-nomination by petition.

    A local school committee reviews recommendations and decides upon service provisions. The composition of the committee includes appropriate faculty qualified to assess talents and abilities in areas relevant to each case.

    Teachers, local school administrators, and the district work together to provide services through a variety of activities suited to the specific needs and interests of students.  Activities may include but are not limited to the differentiation of instruction in the regular classroom, enrichment, collaborative teaching among faculty, consultation, independent study, intensive workshops, and advanced curriculum. Educators across Hopkins County recognize the need to provide opportunities for growth and development for all students relative to their abilities, interests, and needs.

    Eligible students in grades 4-12 may be selected for participation in either short term pull-out or collaborative services with G/T Resource Teachers. Although pull-out activities can result in missing scheduled classes, students who participate explore curriculum unavailable in the regular classroom. Specific services vary from individual to individual and from school to school.

    Creativity Workshops
    Students in grades 6-12 are invited to participate in workshops in creative writing.  The purpose of which is to challenge students in the area of creativity, rewarding with the publication of those students who meet the challenge and who succeed.

    Hopkins County Talent Show Series
    Students in grades 4-12 are invited to participate in talent shows held at their local schools.
    Outstanding performers may be eligible for further services based upon their interests and abilities, usually as guest performers at schools throughout the district. The talent show series culminates in the District Talent Show in April of each year, when winners from local schools compete with each other for district honors at the Glema Mahr Center for the Arts in Madisonville, Kentucky. The district event is sponsored by the Madisonville Community College Lions Club.

    District Coordinator for Gifted and Talented Education: Dr. Andy Belcher, Director of Assessment

    Gifted and Talented Consultants:   Lindsay Arnett, Elementary & Kathy Carver, Secondary


    Local School Coordinators
    From each local school, an employee serves as a coordinator for gifted/talented education, facilitating communication among teachers, administrators, parents, and the local community.

    Browning Springs Middle School: Jeremy Gobin

    Earlington Elementary School: Scott Moore
    Grapevine Elementary School: Susan Brown
    Hanson Elementary School: Jennie Knight
     & Dawn Moore
    Hopkins County Central High School: David Gilkey & Buddy Tyree
    James Madison Middle School: Juli Wolfe

    Jesse Stuart Elementary School: Megan Durbin 

    Madisonville North Hopkins High School: Amy Clark

    Pride Elementary School: Sarah Neathery
    South Hopkins Middle School: Ginger Blakeley
    Southside Elementary School:  Toni Martin

    West Broadway Elementary School: Laura Nordine

    West Hopkins School: Deanna Brown




  • Congratulations to Lindsay Arnett 
    2016 KAGE Service and Advocacy Award 
    Thanks for all you do to support and educate gifted students!
    Three individuals with one holding a plaque next to a banner 
    Shown here from left to right, Lynette Baldwin, Executive Director of the Kentucky Association of Gifted Education, and Toddie Adams, Marshall County Director of Gifted Services.
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