My Home Page - Welcome Letter





    Hello, and welcome to Mrs. Nicholson's classroom!  We are off to a great start, and I'm looking forward to an exciting new school year full of enhanced academic activities for your child.   


    My teaching goal is simple: Set high academic expectations for all students and create an environment where students will reach their full potential.    


    During the year I will keep students and parents informed of students' progress/behavior in class via Class Dojo (accessible on-line once you sign up with your email address).  Parents will also receive a weekly newsletter, mid-term progress report, end of term report, and can also access students' progress via Infinite Campus Parent Portal.   


    For more information regarding how to use Infinite Campus Parent Portal  go to:



    Pride Elementary use the Journeys' Reading Series as adopted by the District. Research studies show that repetition of reading increases reading fluency and the brain's ability to recognize words. Therefore, nightly reading is expected to build students' reading fluency. Students will earn Class Dojo points for returning homework daily.


    Second grade students are expected to already know the first 300 Fry sight words (100 from Kindergarten and 200 from first grade).  Please review these words with your child to ensure they know and can say the words without hesitation. A good rule of thumb is, if your child hesitates before saying the word, they don't know it. Please continue to review the sight words daily until your child can say the word without hesitation, then move on to the next level of sight words.

    Second grade students should begin second grade working on learning the "second" grade sight word list - the next 300 sight words after first grade. Students' goal is to know the first 300 words on the second grade FRY word list (provided in the "forms" package at Open House). It is imperative that students learn the second grade sight words as quickly as possible to successfully read second grade material. Once students have learned the second grade sight words, they should work toward learning the 3rd grade sight word list. Knowing more sight words increases your child's reading level and academic performance.

    Students will be provided with 10 new words from the FRY word list for second grade each week in the weekly newsletter.  Please review these words with your child nightly until they can say the words without hesitation. Again, if your child hesitates, they don't know the word.  If you have not seen the FRY sight word list, please contact me to get another one. You can also review the FRY words under my "Resource" link on this website.


    Additional math practice is available to students via our math book series: Envisions, available on line at: www.pearsonsucceess.netYour child has been issued a user name and password for this site which was sent home via a letter.  If this letter didn't reach home, please call me and I will reprint another letter with your child's username and password. Please utilize this site as much as possible this year to increase your child's math academic performance.  Your support is appreciated!


    STUDY ISLAND is another on-line educational website available to your child to practice Reading, Math, and Grammar skills at home.  This website can be accessed at:  Currently, your child's Username and Password is the same as last year's. If it changes, you will be informed.  

    Also available to your child is (Math, Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammar). Your child will receive a log-in Username and Password. If you do not have access to this information by the end of the first week of school, please contact me immediately.

    Please help your child take advantage of the above-noted great educational on-line websites that has been proven to increase students' academic performance.